“If you believe in our constitution and our first amendment rights you better stand up for them while you still can.”

This is a note from Chris McDonough which originally appeared on her facebook wall.  It appears here at the blue cheddar blog with her permission.  

I will be going to the capitol today to sing with my fellow Wisconsinites who believe that as Americans we can not allow our 1st Amendment rights to be taken from us.

If the capitol police call an unlawful assembly Jerry and I decided that both of us getting arrested is not an option. We need to make sure that Lyn and Nik are taken care of so I will be going to the entrance of the capitol to hold a sign alerting people who are outside of the capitol that the capitol police have declared and unlawful assembly.

I will stand to be arrested another day when Jerry leaves the Rotunda so that he will be available for Lyn and Nik in the event that the arrests go as far as putting people in jail.

If the people of Wisconsin do not want their constitution trampled on I suggest that you start showing up at the capitol to support the solidarity singers.

In North Carolina people are being arrested each Monday in events called Moral Mondays. These protests are held each Monday. The people protesting are being arrested, yet more come each week. So far 923 people have been arrested, none of them more than once. This is what needs to happen in the Rotunda. Come down and take a stand make them arrest so many of us that we send them a message.

Don’t allow a small group of people to take ticket after ticket standing up for your rights. If you believe in our constitution and our first amendment rights you better stand up for them while you still can. Societies don’t close down in a vacuum. There are protests taking place all over the country and all over the world. These people are trying to tell you something –  many at great expense (physically, emotionally & financially ) to themselves.

You might want to at least listen.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing… – Albert Einstein


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