Invitation: Iron County will discuss the legality of the LCO harvest camp Tuesday July 30th. Your silent, dignified presence is requested.

Iron County’s forestry committee on Tuesday voted unanimously to advise that the full county board push for criminal and civil charges against an Ojibwe harvest camp in the Penokee Hills.

Iron County’s board will meet on the matter
Tuesday night, July 30 6pm at the Iron County Courthouse.

Mine opponents are planning to gather in silence. Rob Ganson created this facebook event with the accompanying message,
“The LCO Harvest and Education camp in the Penokee hills is under attack by a powerful minority in Iron County, threatened with legal action. Please join us in a peaceful and silent demonstration of support for LCO, Bad River, and all who stand for the water we are made of.”

Frank Koehn of United in Defense of the Water has shared this information:
“We will be gathering at the Hurley Visitor’s Center at 4:30PM on Tuesday. Stop by if you should arrive in Hurley early. Call if you need more information: 218.341.8822.”

Bad River Tribe Chairman Mike Wiggins, Jr. was quoted in a WI State Journal piece with this response:
“There hasn’t been any detriment to the land there,” ..“There’s some gardening and there’s some shelters and there’s a lot of good things happening there by way of harvesting and cooking and people coming together. I think it’s something to build on and Iron County would benefit from encouraging it as opposed to exploding the whole area so that a corporation can profit on the waters and the land.”
According to *Steve Verburg, author of the same article, Mike Wiggins said he will soon establish another encampment and said the harvest camps are legal under tribal rights to use ceded lands.

Local attorney Tony Stella has penned a blog post that points out the capricious application of the law in Iron County when it comes to matters relating to Gtac’s proposed iron mine:
“While the DNR and County Forest Administrator insist that Iron County enforce its own camping rules against the LCO, the District Attorney, the Department of Safety and Professional Services and the DNR remain conspicously silent with regard to Bulletproof’s more serious transgressions.”
See the post Double Standard, Part Deux

The Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest and Education Camp (LCOHEC) is sited a short walk from where workers have been drilling into the Penokee Hills to extract samples for a proposed open pit iron mine. Learn more about the camp HERE.

Also, please view these attractive information sheets.
Page 1: Backgrounder and Photos

page 1a lcohec

Page 2: Directions, camp supply needs, names and numbers to contact.

page 1 lcohec

Recent visitors to LCOHEC have included Senators Dale Schultz and Bob Jauch.
LCOHEC photo from United in Defense of the Water

The penokees photo by pete rasmussen

After Steve Verburg wrote what amounted to a public relations piece for Gogebic Taconite recently, I do brace myself whenever I read an article he’s penned on the mine. However this recent article “Iron County officials start push to evict tribal harvest camp near mine site” seems alright.

If you happened to see Verburg’s caricature of an Iron County local, which included a photo of him wearing a black garbage bag used as rain gear, then, seriously – you have to take the time to read Mary Annette Pember’s follow-up article “Black Bag Operation Spooks Paramilitary Guards at Wis. Mining Site”.


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