Over 20 people detained and ticketed in Wisconsin’s Capitol rotunda today, 1 journalist included

greg neumann photos from twitter

That’s a sampler of photos that Greg Neumann from WKOW TV took today. See more of them right HERE.

From Madison.com:
“A total of 25 no permit citations were issued to 22 people, including three who received two citations, Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said. In addition, one individual received a disorderly conduct citation for spitting on a singer.”

Here’s the video Arthur Kohl-Riggs collected which includes the spitting:

The police did manage to sweep up a member of the media:
dominic salvia arrested

Per the rules codified by Scott Walker’s Department of the Administration, onlookers to an unpermitted event can also be considered in violation and can be arrested.

I’m curious: Was it Dominic’s intention to protest today?
Or to simply report on events?

There may be no difference in the eyes of the law.

Did he get a $200 ticket as everybody else did?
Do you think this will discourage journalists?

As noted by Madison.com, “The exact number of participants Wednesday was around 50, but it was difficult to tell as many observers and media hovered around the event.”

Perhaps more than 1 “hovering” person was swept up?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley quoted a protest regular, Irving Smith:
“This is modern-day fascism” …
“This is a special place,” he said of the Capitol. “This is a soap box. It’s a political forum….Our rights are the only thing we have left.”

And he quoted Senator Bob Jauch:
“My God, people have a right to sing,” Jauch said, calling the arrests an “overreach.” “The administration is upset with the views of the people who are there and they’re trying to remove them from their Capitol.”

Here’s a video statement of Sen. Jauch speaking. Video is from Leslie Amsterdam:

The Wisconsin State Journal noted “Earlier this month U.S. District Judge William Conley issued a temporary ruling that groups of 20 or less do not need a permit.” That is correct. And it seems that more than 20 singers continue to sing every day. That has been the case for at least 2 years every single weekday in the Capitol building’s rotunda.

A visiting tourist said she thought singers were ‘spoiling’ somebody’s day:
“If I had a better way with words, I would tell them that we have just as much right to be here as they do,” Haasch said of the protesters. “They shouldn’t spoil anyone else’s day.”

Truly there have been many spoiled days since Scott Walker ‘dropped the bomb’ on his own citizens. Even spoiled lives.

There are people who might be privileged – seemingly comfortable enough to ignore it all if they wanted to. But they can’t. They. Simply. Can. Not. Do. It.

They are heroes. They are singing. Will you join them?

Why We Sing- Solidarity Sing-Alongs are held each day from noon -1pm at the Wisconsin State Capitol. from Tim White on Vimeo.

Giles Goat Boy also has details from the event as his post, just out.

Press release from Wisconsin Rep. Chris Taylor.


One thought on “Over 20 people detained and ticketed in Wisconsin’s Capitol rotunda today, 1 journalist included

  1. Both Dom and his cohort Mike were cited. Apparently they’d been at the Capitol to attend a press conference and stopped by the Rotunda to see what the deal was after the conference was over. One of them was trying to take a picture of the sandwich board, and that’s when the CPOs grabbed him. Everyone around the cops were telling them that they were credentialed media, but they arrested them anyway.

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