Dems met potential candidate Mary Burke in a coffee shop. Dan Bice is on it!

Here are the basics from Bice’s recent dispatch, “Democrats quietly help Mary Burke explore possible gubernatorial bid”

Who: Mary Burke, Jacob Hajdu, political director of the state Democratic Party, Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine), John Lehman (D-Racine) and Mayor John Dickert

What: They had coffee

Where: Wilson’s Coffee & Tea in Racine, Wisconsin

When: July 17th

How: Quietly!

Dan Bice could look a smidge less like a manipulator and more like a pro if he further pressed Mike Tate with this question:
“Who are the other candidates the Dems met with to talk about the 2014 governor’s race?”
Or even just this question
“Did WI Dem. Party leaders also meet with Mark Harris?

That Q & A would naturally have come after this part in the story, eh?:
“If the state party is asked by someone seriously considering running for office, we are happy to make some calls and introductions to help them connect with key leaders in their district or — in this case — the state,” Tate said.
“It’s a service we provide to any serious candidate that asks and something we have done dozens of times.”

As it is, looks like Bice is trying to keep our minds on Mary Burke and make sure the GOP is poisoning the water along the way.


One thought on “Dems met potential candidate Mary Burke in a coffee shop. Dan Bice is on it!

  1. Tate said that Mary Burke, Mark Harris, and Kathleen Vinehout were considering running against Walker.

    If this is the rollout of Mary Burke’s gubernatorial campaign, it’s already been badly botched. Ruth Conniff “promoted” her potential candidacy by comparing her to Mitt Romney (oops!), and Daniel Bice, as well as the rest of the Wisconsin mainstream media, appears to be play misdirection games so that as much media focus as possible is on Mary Burke. I saw a story on the Wisconsin State Journal’s website that featured Mary Burke prominently, while only making a passing references of Mark Harris and Kathleen Vinehout.

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