Mass arrests again: 26 citations for singing in Wisconsin’s capitol building

I want to say thank you to the roughly 150 people who assembled in the rotunda of the Capitol and to the other 150 or so who witnessed today from the 1st and 2nd floor. Also special thanks go to the people who were arrested. You were ready to go to ‘jail for justice’.

According to M.J.Sentinel, 26 citations were handed out today for “participating in an event without a permit” and “one person was charged with disorderly conduct, another was charged with resisting arrest and a third person was charged with both disorderly conduct and resisting arrest”. Yesterday 22 people were arrested while singing in the rotunda.

I know some people were really upset to see arrests today. Sometimes I am very disturbed by arrests. Today I felt energized to be in our capitol surrounded by courage and rage against the Walker administration. That’s when it becomes “Our House” again. It’s still not lost. People are standing their ground using song as a peaceful “weapon”. The fight endures because enough people understand it must. The alternative to endurance is defeat and that is not in the picture. There is no benevolence with this dictator. We can not abandon our state.

You can donate to aid in the legal defense of singers at this site.

Multiple arrests occur at once within this bird’s-eye-view video of mine but I couldn’t see them all at the time. There was too much to focus on.

Here’s an interview of a man who was arrested for the 1st time today.


Pictured below: Bart being arrested. As he was arrested, others were singing the song, “Have you been to jail for justice”.


Lane Hall has a poetic post HERE.

Worley Dervish has a lovely post describing the details of today HERE.

Giles Goat Boy and Anica have shared thoughts, photos, and video at Wisconsin Capitol Arrests Continue for a 2nd Day


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