Scott Walker. Insufferable troll or megalomaniac. You decide.


I’ve been trying to get back to some “nice” here at blue cheddar headquarters. Today I say fugheddaboutit. The sensitive should turn away right now if they don’t want to see some R-rated language.

There was a story released by WUWM at 5:58 PM MON JULY 29 called Walker Says Collective Bargaining Limits Could Solve Other States’ Problems in which Walker says it might be time to expand Wisconsin Act 10 to public safety workers.

Then at 5AM today, Tuesday July 30, 2013, I ran into this:
Walker Says He Won’t Push For Ending Collective Bargaining For Police Or Firefighters

Walker is either market testing another assault on worker rights, he got something printed to send to his severely right of center donors, or else he is just being his usual arrogant megalomaniac prick self.

Supposedly what got this newsstory clusterfuck rolling was a query from an audience member where Walker was speaking in Milwaukee [Gee. Who was that somebody who asked the question? I wish the press had inquired.]

The mysterious audience member asked Governor Troll and/or Megalomaniac if “he would consider limiting the bargaining rights of first responders” and the next bits in the WUWM story go like this:

Walker says he feared doing so at first, in case they’d walk off the job and put public safety at risk. But now, he says the climate could be different.

“I think now for those areas, having seen that the world didn’t come to an end for other municipal employees and county employees, there might be a greater opening going forward, because they’d say, ‘hey, you know, things worked out,'” Walker says”

Yes, Scott.
It “worked out” just grand for all the connivers who crave one-party control, no middle class, and public services ripe for shredding and privatizing.


7 thoughts on “Scott Walker. Insufferable troll or megalomaniac. You decide.

  1. I worked like a crazy person to un-elect Governor Turdwaffle in 2011-12, and nearly lost my mind when he tap-danced back into office like nothing happened. Everytime some new piece of crap is found bobbing in his punchbowl, I wonder, “Will this be it?” I really don’t believe he is stupid enough to turn on the firefighters and cops. Perhaps one of his handlers let this morsel slip to get us all excited again, to no purpose.

  2. Divide and Conquer Baby!
    Dumbass Public Safety workers fell for Walker’s BS. They should know, as far as Teabaggers go, a union is a union and they are all BAD.

    Hell yeah, bring em to their knees until they support all unions. Walker is terrified of singers in the Capital. Just wait until he pisses off people with guns.

  3. Hold it. The problem may not be duplicity, but a headline writer who couldn’t decipher an extended lack of reference within Gov. Walker’s rambling answer. He never said nor implied, “I will not.” The headline seems to contradict the quote, really.

    • Well, now that you’ve got me reviewing things once more – you are correct. He did not offer a full declarative in the 2nd story. The door is left open to it. [a bit of the 2nd story is copied below for the convenience of readers].
      “It’s not something we’re proposing or leading with right now. It’s something we’d take a look at if it came up through the legislature.”
      State Democratic spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff says Walker saying he isn’t pushing for something means little.
      “There were a lot of things Scott Walker said he wasn’t going to push when he ran for governor in 2010,” “He didn’t run on a plan to end collective bargaining rights for public workers, and that’s what he did.”

      Baldauff says Walker may be trying to court the far right wing of the Republican Party as he considers a run for president and is trying to stay on par with other possible GOP presidential candidates who have attacked all unions.

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