23 states are now under full GOP control

“There are now 14 states under unified Democratic control, which is up from 11 one year ago but down from 17 three years ago.

There are now 23 states under unified GOP control, up from just eight three years ago.”

That’s from Craig Gilbert’s M.J.Sentinel piece “The rise of one-party rule in the states”

Craig Gilbert steers clear of talking much about Walker’s rule even through he’s writing for Wisconsin’s most widely-read newspaper. It’s safer to talk more about North Carolina and Delaware.

He asks a few questions though. Let me try a hand at ’em.

Is this trend toward one-party rule something to celebrate or be nervous about?

I’m sorry. I guess THERE IS such a thing as a dumb question. Next question.

Why has it happened?
Quick answer would be a combo of traditional low turn out for Dems in midterms, crappy state and national Dem leadership, Citizens United, and heavy helping of KOCH money.
Also – really helps for the GOP to have papers like Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in their pocket.

Will it turn out to be a blip or a sea change in American politics?

It’s not a ‘blip’ when those GOP-dominated states also got to redistrict.

Also: their friends in Congress are threatening to shut down the federal gov’t.

Also: Krugman just said “the madness of the GOP is the central issue of our time”.

Incidentally, Craig Gilbert also steers clear of providing either a list or a map of the states he’s talking about.

Washington Post has a handy color-coded list for us HERE.

Here’s a map from MSNBC:
msnbc one party gop rule states


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