Ian Murphy did jail time for showing zealot heteros a fake penis

marital aids 2

Ian Murphy, writer and famed David Koch impersonator, was recently locked up for 8 days in the Erie County Holding Center in the State of New York on a “disorderly conduct and obscene language” conviction after displaying a dildo in public.

The sex toy was meant to be a prop in a counter-protest prank near a National Organization for Marriage rally. Ian says that a Buffalo, NY attorney and a guard lied to a jury about what Ian was doing with the dildo. The jury also saw video proof that Ian could not have been where his accusers said he was. Others testified that all Ian did was pretend the dildo was a microphone in a video interview.

But there was a photo propped up in front of the jury.

So the existence of the photo of me posing with the camera and dildo like this was basically the bedrock of their case. They blew it up to this 3-foot by 2-foot poster, and it stared at the jury the entire three days of the trial.

Here’s the must-read interview in full: From the Belly of the Beast By John Dolan at NSFWCorp

Scott Walker collaborated with NOM to proclaim a National Marriage Week in February of 2011.

Footnote II:
In truth, nobody knows how many of the NOM ralliers present on July 24 2011 in Buffalo, NY were actual heterosexuals. However, I suspect that they very much WANT to be heterosexuals if they are not at this time. Whatever the case, I wish them all the best in their personal sex-related endeavors and I wish them all the worst in their domestic and foreign political agenda.


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