Day 7: Mass arrest of singers in WI capitol, legislator and photographers threatened with arrest

Photo Credit: Jenna Pope

Today was the 7th day of mass arrests in Wisconsin’s capitol building since July 24, 2013 when the mass arrests began.

I was not present, so I’ve compiled information from others:

According to WMTV, today August 6th, 22 people were cited for not having a permit and one of the 22 also got a disorderly conduct ticket.

A tally that Jason H. has been keeping shows that capitol cops have dispensed 168 citations and 6 misdemeanors to singalong participants since July 24th.

Wisconsin lawmaker Sondy Pope threatened with arrest at Capitol for observing Solidarity Sing Along
by Judith Davidoff
“State Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Middleton) was threatened with arrest Tuesday for watching the Solidarity Sing Along from the floor above the noontime protest.

Tia Nelson, executive secretary of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, who was standing with Pope, was also threatened with arrest.”

Uptick in the number of people warned to not observe, photograph, or film singers

I saw multiple facebooked and tweeted messages during the noon hour today from photographers/videographers that said they were told to disperse or face arrest.

From Scott Walker Watch:
Having been at the event on August 6 and only videotaping/photographing while actively not “participating” in singing as an experiment, I was approached by a Capitol Police office who walked up to me and told me that just being in the Rotunda while the event in occurring is cause for arrest, handcuffing, photographing my face and getting a fine.

Rebecca Kemble reports in a description of a collection of facebook photos from today’s arrests that
“Two people were arrested as participants for filming.”

Video of an observer being warned she could be arrested.

Video of Jenna Pope’s arrest. [at the 1:24 mark]

Susan C.’s personal account of children scared after witnessing police:
“As I was walking out of the capitol today I overheard two women, shepherding four children, aged 6-10, talking about how “horrible it was in there today.” I turned around and engaged them. It turned out they had to leave because one of the little girls was so scared she never wanted to go back in the capitol again. I asked, “Afraid of the singers?” Her mom looked at me like I was crazy. She said, “No, the police.”

They were standing up on the second floor and the kids started clapping along with the singers when a Capitol police officer told them to stop or they would be arrested. The kids were terrified and their moms were livid. They wanted to know just what was going on.

This group was from Jamesville, I think; teacher, of course. I encouraged them to write up a complaint but they were on their way to get ice cream.”

More info on yesterday, 08/05/2013:

An audio interview from Workers Independent News:
Arthur Kohl-Riggs describes being pushed to the ground by a Capitol police officer


8 thoughts on “Day 7: Mass arrest of singers in WI capitol, legislator and photographers threatened with arrest

  1. Should organize a flash mob of an orchestra with chorus to play the Star Spangled Banner. Would they arrest them too? What a disgrace.

  2. So why would anyone with common sense threaten to arrest children for clapping to music? I really hope those children were not traumatized by that experience.

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