Livestreaming [hopefully] the Wed. August 7th noon sing along at WI’s capitol

Assuming my set-up works, I’ll be streaming video from the WI capitol today at noon. The stream should appear in this post.

Stream videos at Ustream

Assuming that there are mass arrests of singers today, it will be the 8th day of mass arrests in the capitol rotunda since July 24th.

Here’s a post on day 7.

If you’d like a post that describes what the scene has been like at the capitol, try my post on day 5.

For those arrested:
Anyone needing legal assistance for arrests while singing or observing singing at the Capitol:
You can call the National Lawyers Guild at 608-520-0654. The coordinator will then attempt to find legal representation for the person who has been arrested.

For those who want to assist:
If you would like to contribute to the First Amendment Protection Fund that helps those cited for singing in the rotunda with tickets and legal expenses, you can either send a check to this mailing address:
C/O Steve Gotcher
PO Box 3141
Madison, WI 53704

Or use Paypal to contribute at


4 thoughts on “Livestreaming [hopefully] the Wed. August 7th noon sing along at WI’s capitol

  1. Thank you for the live feed. My work schedule has changed so I have not been able to attend. I’d been singing one day a week since March 2011 and it breaks my heart I can’t be there now. This and being able to donate to the FAPF is helping me through no longer being able to participate. I will be retiring on January 3rd, so at that time I will join back with my sisters and brothers in SOLIDARITY. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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