Day 9 of mass arrests in the Wisconsin Capitol. At least 18 citations given to singers.

Live video that I streamed from my channel is archived at the end of this post.

Today was the 9th day of mass singer arrests in the Wisconsin capitol building since July 24th.

According to AP, “they arrested another 15 or so protesters.”

According to the daily tally of Jason H., the count is at least 18. The total tally of tickets since July 24th is around 200.

I think 300-400 people were present. The ground floor became so packed with people by 12:40pm that it was hard to move around. Participants in both the Democracy Convention and the Veterans for Peace convention added to the ranks of local singers today.

Visiting Veteran for Peace getting arrested.
Image Credit: Jenna Pope == see more of her photos at her facebook wall.

Medea Benjamin from Code Pink sat in the middle of the rotunda floor and was joined by several other people. When these mass arrests began over a week ago, police arrested singers from the center. Today they plucked most of their targets from the periphery of the rotunda.

My theory is that they’ve figured out they need to use the elevators so they won’t have any more Vietnam veterans falling on marble stairs while in custody, but they don’t like that the elevators are slow. They need to pluck people from the edge to make things go quickly. A side benefit for Walker and Company: the cameras aimed down on them from the 1st floor couldn’t see them as well.

News Coverage

And a few donuts, too
Flowers and cookies were left for the capitol cops today in a gesture of goodwill. A notice about today’s goodie delivery was broadcast on NBC 15 last night.

Here’s video of the delivery which includes announcements of thanks and support for the capitol police union which has filed a law suit to restore full collective bargaining rights for all of their officers. You really have to see this to believe it.:

The Vests are Not Tourism Department-Approved!

An investigative team has determined that those were not REAL State of Wisconsin-issued vests.

“The vests in the photo are definitely not the work of the Department of Tourism,” communications director Lisa Marshall said in an email. “We also didn’t authorize the use of our logo in this capacity…..”
“Were the orange vests and signs a protest of their own or a legitimate effort to avoid arrest? We’ll try to identify the people who were wearing them and find out”


More at

No More Threats of Arrest for Observers

“Nora Cusack was watching the sing-along from above on Thursday, as on Tuesday. On Thursday she held a sign that read, “Observers will not receive citations. DOA, August 7, 2013.” The other side of the sign read, “I am observing only.”

Cusack said she is frequently at the Capitol during the sing-along, but has never participated. “And yet I was threatened with arrest Tuesday.” She says she was not approached by any police officers Thursday.”
From The Isthmus

That’s all I have for today. I barely have any energy tonight. I’ll probably sneak in a few more photos and notes as I locate them.

Video streaming by Ustream


2 thoughts on “Day 9 of mass arrests in the Wisconsin Capitol. At least 18 citations given to singers.

  1. C. George has the narrow view. The Solidarity Singers conduct civil obedience for a limited time (12-1pm) and do not interfere with others’ rights or abilities to communicate with their representatives. In fact others are welcome to join or find their own songs to sing.

  2. What a permit does is allow everyone a chance so that one group does not take away others’ voice. Actually, our representatives are our voice in the chambers of government. So, to walk the halls outside them is a bit different. Our ability to speak has not been limited, but a permit shows us that we should be considerate of others. Is a group that silences others by overwhelming presence any better than a tyrant? The “permit” is only necessary to to keep people from being bullied. But, there is no need for a permit in parks, or our front yards or in redressing our representatives, and it has no constitutional authority. However, and I say this again, a group that dominates to the point others are intimidated from speaking is nothing but a bully.

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