Reps. Sargent and Berceau request that Wisconsin Capitol Police release communication transcripts

The following comes to you from the facebook wall of Wisconsin Assembly Representative Terese Berceau:

Yesterday, Representative Melissa Sargent and I submitted an Open Records Request for transcripts of Capitol Police Communications during the Noon Singer arrests. When we viewed the arrests on Wednesday, we noticed that the police were being directed to arrest certain persons.

We want to ensure that there is not a targeted campaign against certain people in the group and will inform you of our findings.

Oh, they are targeted all right!
Anybody who has gone to more than a couple sing alongs in the last week would know. This is a great idea from Reps. Sargent and Berceau though I get the feeling that the transcripts will have all the colorful language redacted and be delayed cuz you know – the Capitol Police Dept. is so busy arresting grandmothers.

Image of records request below. Click to enlarge.



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