Scott Walker is 1 of 6 “scorched earth” governors to be targeted by AFL-CIO in 2014

AFL-CIO has put the battle against extremist governors at the top of its political priority list for 2014 – and that means we have some help battling Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

According to Politico, their targets are
Rick Scott in FL,
Snyder in MI,
LePage in Maine,
Kasich in OH,
Walker in Wisconsin,
Corbett in PA

Politico reporter Alexander Burns and other reporters recenty met with AFL-CIO political director Michael Podhorzer:

“While a lot of the attention here in the Beltway has been around who’s going to control the Senate or what’s going to happen in the House, for most Americans, what’s really important in 2014 is going to be what happens to the governors who have pursued scorched-earth policies in their states,” Podhorzer said. “That’s the arena that we’re focused on. That’s the area that’s going to be most consequential for people’s lives.”

It sounds like he gets it.
(I’m glad *somebody* in D.C. does.)

This is a must-read.

See “AFL-CIO aiming at GOP governors in 2014”


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