What? No arrests at Wisconsin’s capitol building?

There were no arrests in the Wisconsin Capitol building today. It was a really welcome change, and I enjoyed the rousing singing, and I don’t mean to complain, but … but.. but… it makes no sense!

From the AP:
“State Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis says someone took out a permit to use the space Monday. It was unclear exactly who obtained the permit. Marquis didn’t return a follow-up message seeking details.

David Dexheimer says he got a permit to use a 10-foot-by-4-foot space on the rotunda’s balcony because he didn’t want to get arrested for observing the protest. But he says the permit applied only to that space, not the entire rotunda.”

The Walker administration had better watch out. If this keeps up, we’ll think the Dept. of Administration is looking for ways to get out of persecuting the lefties.

The Progressive’s Rebecca Kemble has already written a nice piece that delves into the cognitive dissonance found in DOA’s treatment of dissidents:
Finally, a Day Without Arrests at Wis. Capitol

The Future is Funny

Incidentally, I doubt the arrests are all over and I do not foresee the sing along’s end.
The sing along has occurred at the Wisconsin Capitol building for 632 consecutive weekdays since March 2011.
Over 400 citations have been given out to singers – over 150 of them since July 24th, 2013. [Numbers compiled by Wendi Kent]

Over the weekend there were many rumors flying around that the cops would crack down with new tactics. The presence of this new super-serious official and/or contractor last week might have heightened tensions a bit. She was getting tours of the capitol from the cops, hanging out with the Capitol cops on Saturday near a protest, and taking notes while viewing ralliers.


Should we worry? Or should we laugh?

atrocious cop
Updated Mona Lisa is by Michael Martin.

Today I choose to laugh.

malice in dairyland





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