Eleventh day of mass arrests in the Wisconsin Capitol. Celebrities take notice.

Arrests returned to the rotunda. Today August 6th is the 11th day of mass arrests since July 24, 2013.
(See the timeline at the end of this post for a recap)

“Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis says police issued 20 citations on Tuesday for gathering in the rotunda without a permit.”

Video from today by Arthur Kohl-Riggs of SSWIDTMS:

A few celebrities tweeted about the situation yesterday and today.

jenna ushkowitz

jennifer morrison

lance bass

Jenna Ushkowitz stars as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee.

Jenna Morrison starred [or stars?] as Dr. Allison Cameron in the TV show House and as Emma Swan in “Once Upon a Time”.

Lance Bass was the bass singer for the American pop boy band ‘N Sync.

I admit Lance Bass was the only one of the stars I recognized. I haven’t paid much attention to celebrities since these fellows crossed a street together:

singing we don't allow that here
Illustration by Michael Martin


July 24:
Over 20 people detained and ticketed in Wisconsin’s Capitol rotunda today, 1 journalist included

day one arrests

July 25:
Mass arrests again: 26 citations for singing in Wisconsin’s capitol building

July 26:
Third day of mass arrests in WI’s capitol – my notes from the road

third day july 26

Monday July 29:
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition: Conservatives sang in Wisconsin’s capitol today

Tuesday July 30:
30 citations issued in Wisconsin’s capitol Tuesday to singers – the 4th day of mass arrests

Wednesday July 31:
No arrests.
About 50 people were ready to be arrested in the rotunda today. Apparently NBC 15 got a permit for them.

july 31

Thursday August 1:
Fifth day of mass arrests at Wisconsin’s capitol building where singers got 23 citations

Friday August 2:
No arrests.

Monday August 5:
Sixth day of mass arrests in the Wisconsin capitol building rotunda

Tuesday August 6:
Day 7: Mass arrest of singers in WI capitol, legislator and photographers threatened with arrest

Image credit: Jenna Pope

Wednesday August 7:
Day 8 of mass arrests in Wisconsin capitol: 15 arrests, Vets for Peace, more.

Thursday August 8:
Day 9 of mass arrests in the Wisconsin Capitol. At least 18 citations given to singers.

Image Credit: Jenna Pope


Friday August 9:
10th day of mass arrests – 3 arrests/5 citations:
Police make handful of arrests at Wisconsin Capitol protest as crackdown goes on

A few arrests in the rotunda, I think, but most people went outside. I can find no story on the arrests from August 9th. However several media outlets noticed the court appearance:

Capitol protesters plead not guilty in Dane County court
Posted: Aug 09, 2013 11:21 AM CDT
By Tony Galli

Monday August 12:
What? No arrests at Wisconsin’s capitol building?

Tuesday August 13:


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