Citizens voice strong resistance to gargantuan mine “sample” at Hurley, Wisconsin hearing

Public comments will be accepted through September 3rd. See end of post for details.

Video from Rebecca Kemble

Yesterday August 15th there was a public hearing on Gogebic Taconite’s Bulk Sampling Permit application in Hurley, Wisconsin.

I urge you to watch this powerful video of Barbara With’s testimony from the hearing. She skewers the sham approval of the mining bill that opened the door to Gogebic Taconite. She first asks how is it that Wisconsin is taking the open pit mine project seriously – that we are here at this juncture – given the overwhelming anti-mine sentiment recorded in public hearings.

Then she follows with this:

“When corporations collude with legislators by paying them and legislators vote for the corporations and abandon the people of this state it’s called “fascism” and that’s what happened to this state. And even as we speak right now, 12:15 in the capitol of Wisconsin there are jack boot capitol policemen arresting innocent protesters who are singing because this administration wants to quash dissent. They want to quash the voice of the people.”

I’d just like to add that this flavor of dairyland fascism comes with heaping helpings of stupidity, arrogance, and insult.

Remember being treated like a 4-year-old by a Rent-A-Governor who pointed to a flag of Wisconsin during his “State of the State” address and hearing him say there is a miner on the flag – so therefore there will be a mine? **

According to Meg T.H. who listened to the hearing live via Wisconsin Public Radio, at the time of sign-off there were 174 people who registered an opinion on paper and 41 of those were in favor of the mine and 130 were against. Of those who delivered verbal testimony, 93 testified in total with 9 speaking favorably of the mine and 87 speaking against. Meg says WPR did not broadcast the last hour and a half of testimony (if you see an official comment tally elsewhere please note that in a comment).

Daily Globe Surprises
I located a surprisingly decent article on the hearing published by a newspaper that usually slants pro-mine – The Daily Globe. It contains this sobering quote from Elizabeth Wheeler, staff attorney for Clean Wisconsin.

“The volume of waste would be enough to cover the entire city of Green Bay in 10 feet”.

She was speaking about the amount of waste left after the mine company’s proposed “sample” gathering.

According to wikipedia, Green Bay covers 55.96 square miles.

This is a WPR report by Mike Simonson. “Testimony At Hurley Hearing Mostly Against Bulk Sampling” (Today I saw a couple of people commenting on facebook that they were pulling support for WPR after repeatedly being disappointed with Simonson’s coverage on the mine issue.)

Here’s what WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio did: Mine Opponents Dominate Public Hearing in Hurley

WOJB and WPR stations KUWS 91.3FM in Superior and WUWS 90.0 in Ashland broadcast the hearing.

More testimony on video:
Ros Nelson – This is a Crazy Meeting

How You Can Comment
According to the Globe, written comments on the bulk ‘sample’ process can be submitted to the WI DNR through September 3rd:
“Written comments can be submitted to Larry Lynch, DNR, 101 S. Webster St ., Madison, WI, 53707 or by email at Gogebic Taconite’s project materials are also available at the Hurley Public Library at 405 Fifth Avenue North in Hurley and at the Vaughn Public Library at 502 W. Main St ., in Ashland.”

Do you remember the attempted recall on Senator Jauch by CRG (what jackals) because he didn’t support the mine bill AFTER Wisconsin’s right wing talked itself blue in the face about how perfectly unjustifiable all recalls were?

And remember learning that the Army Corps of Engineers was so shut out of the process that they found out about at least 1 public hearing on the mine by seeing a notice on TV that day?

And remember seeing Shirl LeBarre talking to a cartoon tree and hearing Glenn Grothman say you could prevent sulfuric acid leaks from mine waste with caulk.

Insufferable right wing trolls.


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