Wisconsin’s UNINTIMIDATED Solidarity Sing Along forges on despite mass arrests

Raging Grannies Holding Hands
Photo credit: Light Brigading, appearing under a C.C.License.

I’m feeling under the weather, and I wasn’t on the singing scene anyway today, so here’s a brief bullet point post.

* I heard that about 15 people go arrested for singing in Wisconsin’s Capitol today.

* This was the 14th day of mass arrests of singers at the Capitol since July 24th. Each day’s arrests are in teens or 20’s. (If you’re new to all of this, people have been singing about social justice and labor rights and more in protest at the WI capitol since March of 2011.)

* This was the 2nd day of singers holding letters to spell UNINTIMIDATED and once again, those folks who held letters were targeted by police.

*WIBA today featured the two dim local conservatives known as Vicki McKenna and Dave Blaska. They discussed getting permits for the rotunda for the next 30 to 120 days and they compare singers to weeds that need to be extinguished with RoundUp.

* Here’s a 7 minute video from ScottWalkerWatch which starts out featuring the song “I don’t want your millions mister” At the 2:43 mark you can see an influx of cops arresting letter holders. At the 3:24 mark everybody launches a new song: “Which side are you on”. At 4:07 you’ll hear, “Will the circle be unbroken”.

* Here are a few words on the purpose of what’s going on from the Solidarity Sing Along facebook page:
“The Sing Along was going for two and a half years before the mass arrests started a few weeks ago. The people who come to sing regularly prefer not to be arrested, and they aren’t there trying to get arrested. They come to express their dissatisfaction with current government policies and initiatives.

The intent of the singers is no different now than it was a month ago: Sing joyously, leave, do it again the next day. Unfortunately, many singers are now being arrested, despite their desire to simply express themselves in a public forum. They are pleading not guilty in court. They are requesting jury trials. Their best defense will be to show the juries that they were there peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights, and nothing more.

People come to the Capitol for many reasons, including to do other forms of political demonstrations, but if you are coming with the intent of supporting the singers, the best thing you can do is sing (and continue singing when the police are arresting people), or observe if you don’t want to risk arrest, or take photos and videos while not interfering with any arrests that are happening.”


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