Plans for a frac sand mine near lower Wisconsin River got nixed

GRUMPY CAT lower wisconsin riverway

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

News from KWWL: The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board voted to deny the permits for the Pattison sand frack sand mine near Bridgeport” 


From the Cap Times piece “Authors of bill protecting Lower Wisconsin Riverway urge board to reject frac sand mine“:
“It was like getting slapped upside the head when I read what was happening in Bridgeport,” says Doug King, who was appointed executive director of the now-defunct Wisconsin Land Information Board by former Gov. Tommy Thompson in the late 1980s.

“In my day, if a chunk of Wisconsin like the lower Wisconsin River were to be irrevocably altered by some activity of man, the DNR would have held a hearing,” says King. “What’s happening right now is stunning. It’s just stunning.”

The Bridgeport frac-sand mine is located on 300 acres of land between Highway 60 and the lower Wisconsin River and roughly five miles west of Wyalusing State Park.


I’m glad that not every part of Wisconsin is open for the sort of business that decimates our precious environment – especially pristine areas that have so clearly been cherished and protected.  It suggests that there are still reasonable people capable of drawing the line around here.  Now we just need to get that line drawn to protect MORE.

Because we have a nasty infestation of sand miners.

I believe the shady situation in Trempealeau County represents the Wisconsin frac sand mining norm rather than the exception:  In Wisconsin, county commissioner is accused of self-dealing over frac sand




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