Politico can see Walker’s presidential campaign from its porch in DC

There’s a not bad article over at Politico on Walker’s stealth presidential campaign.

Check out that dated photo gracing the top of the piece  –  Scott Walker at the side of his old Milwaukee County Embezzler in Chief, Timothy Russell.  Did somebody at Politico want to remind us that Timothy Russell and FIVE more of Walker’s former associates were charged with crimes?  Or does the Politico office not know what the obvious subtext is on that image?

Well, I know choice B is insulting, but a Politico writer visiting Milwaukee thought our state flag was a local “Wisconsin 1848” union flag in February 2012.

scott walkers stealth 2016 strategy

2014 = Year of the Woman in Wisconsin?

Here’s an interesting quote from the article:  ‘Democratic operatives say Burke could execute a “war on women” attack more effectively than Walker’s male opponent did in 2010 and 2012.’

I speculate that

1) WI Dems have identified solid money from multiple sources for a Wisconsin campaign tied to the ‘war on women’ AND

2)  That ties nicely with the goals of D.C. Dems.  Mary Burke and a woman-centric campaign can prepare this battleground state for Hillary Clinton [I’ll talk about why this sickens me another day].  The national Democratic Party sees Wisconsin as a space for a presidential race FIRST and a place to elect a governor SECOND.

Singing The Last Word

And look who gets the last word in the article:  an avid Solidarity Sing Along participant. The words of singers reverberate beyond the rotunda.

I wonder if the WI and D.C. Dems worry about that.

In certain Democratic quarters there’s a palpable sense of fatigue and weariness — bordering on resignation — about taking down Walker. But a core base of activists remains determined. A small group of protesters still gathers ritualistically in the rotunda of the state capitol almost every day at noon to repeat the same songs they’ve been singing since the spring of 2011, back when tens of thousands of activists descended on Madison.

By his count, 55-year-old Irving Smith, who fixes windows for a living, has attended 515 of these sing-alongs. He’s been arrested 10 times and received 40 tickets.

“I think he’s toast,” Smith said of Walker, as he was arrested yet again.



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