Man tackled by police Monday in Wisconsin Capitol still in jail awaiting paperwork

“If you’ve reached this page, you probably understand why Damon is in need of legal defense. If not, watch this and see if you think the young man with the camera deserves to be sitting in jail waiting for the Capitol Police to file paperwork for a charge of felony assault.” –ASO

It’s Wednesday August 28th and Damon is still in the Dane County jail with no paperwork forthcoming from the Capitol Police. Thirty minutes ago a friend of Damon’s shared the comment, “[Dane County District Attorney] Ozanne hasn’t heard a peep from them.” I’m hearing that Damon could sit in jail through Thursday as Dane County waits for paper from the State of Wisconsin Capitol Police.

Damon Terrell was arrested on Monday in the rotunda during a Solidarity Sing Along where he was taking photos after cops charged him and piled on him. He was then charged with felony battery and resisting arrest. His brother C.J. Terrell was also brutalized by police on Monday. For those who are new to all of this, allow me to note that Damon and C.J. Terrell are black while the great majority of the people who congregate regularly in the rotunda to sing are white – as are the Capitol Police.

So did the Capitol cops make up charges that Damon Terrell committed a felony assault and ‘resisted’ them (while they sat on his body) just because they can? That’s what it looks like.

All witnesses and all video recordings from Monday’s arrest of Damon Terrell indicate that when officers rushed Damon and tackled him he was backing away slowly with one hand resting on his camera – which last I knew was not a weapon – while his other hand was held up, empty palm facing forward, in a surrender position.

If you can comfortably do so, please donate for the bail fund of Damon Terrell at the ASO site. If you don’t have the finances for that, please share this post or the ASO page’s donation link with others. Thank you.


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