After being tackled by WI Capitol cops and enduring 72 hrs. of confinement Damon Terrell is out of Dane Co. jail with no charges

09/12/2013 update is courtesy of Leslie Amsterdam, “Still no charges against Damon Terrell who was at his charging hearing this morning at Dane County Courthouse, the result from a violent arrest at WI Capitol 8.26.2013. The State and Dane County District Attorney need more time to analyze video footage of the incident. The new hearing is set for September 23, 2013. Mr Terrell is still prohibited from visiting the Capitol until the matter is resolved.”

Updated with video/pictures:

Video from Rebecca Kemble



Dane County’s DA told a court commissioner and a packed court room gallery today that because he didn’t receive paperwork from the Wisconsin Capitol Police until yesterday at 2PM, he had not had time to review the documents and would not charge Damon Terrell today. Damon was then released on a signature bond to the cheers and hugs of at least 50 friends and fellow activists.

Damon was jailed on Monday after being tackled by multiple Capitol Police officers who rushed him as he slowly backed away from them during a Solidarity Sing Along with one hand on a camera, the other held open palm out as in a position of surrender – as is seen in video from at least 3 different angles.

A statement released Wednesday by the National Lawyers Guild-Madison chapter called the Capitol police’s actions on Monday brutal and indicative of racial profiling. In that statement civil rights attorney Jeff Scott Olson is quoted as saying, “Efforts to seek injunctive relief in court against these unlawful police tactics have been contemplated for some time, but have been on the back burner awaiting developments on other fronts. It’s pretty clear we have to put them on the front burner now, before someone gets seriously hurt.”

One of the conditions of Damon’s signature bond is that he avoid the Wisconsin State Capitol building.   Damon’s brother Christopher (C.J.) Terrell told reporters today that banning Damon from the building is an example of the judicial system acting as an extension of the penal system. C.J. was also brutalized by Capitol Police and arrested on Monday but was not held as long.



6 thoughts on “After being tackled by WI Capitol cops and enduring 72 hrs. of confinement Damon Terrell is out of Dane Co. jail with no charges

  1. Congrats, Damon. Everyone should see the Cap Police’s brutal attack on Damon and the mindless “Pain compliance” techniques employed by Erwin’s bunch. In Fitzwalkerstan, litterers, jaywalkers, traffic violators, and other misdemeanor “offenders” are cuffed only if they appear dangerous, but Singers are always cuffed and dragged down to the basement. Why? If you disagree with Walker’s policies, you’re fair game for a little brutality. Erwin should resign immediately.

  2. Getting a permit indicates that people need ‘permission’ to do what is a right given to them by both the national and the state constitutions, and for which the Rotund was specifically designed – to peaceably assemble and speak. Besides, who should get the permit (there is no group leader) and for whom since the “group” is not an organized group but just various people who come and go?

  3. get a permit and stop whining… bunch of hypocrites, demand their laws be followed but break every law they don’t like… do as I say, not as I do… the Obama motto.

  4. If no charges were filed, why did he have to sign a Signature bond and why does he have any restrictions placed upon him?

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