Got Klepto Keystone Kops?: When Wisconsin Capitol Cops aren’t busy brutalizing, they’re stealing


UPDATE 09/13/2013: The peace sign was returned to its owner by Sergeant Lehman.

The Keystone Kops are not only thugs, they’re klepto.
I could not make this shit up if I tried.

The following facebook update appears here with the permission of its author, JM Johnston:

So, remember how I noted the other day there’s a running Capitol Police SUV with no one in it every darn evening as I walk into the Capitol? Last night I figured out why:

“Operation Steal Citizens’ Giant Peace Signs.”

I kid you not. The Capitol Police SUV pulled up in front of Lady Forward last night at about 7pm. Officers Kaufman and Mael grabbed the giant peace sign resting against Lady Forward, about ten feet from its owner. They started walking it swiftly to the SUV and when a small group of us noticed they were making off with the peace sign, we hurried over with the owner to say, hey, give the sign back. Officer Kaufman said, “It’s mine now” and threw it in the back of the SUV and drove off. About ten minutes later, she drove the Capitol Police SUV around the Square again, and was laughing when she looked at us.

I’m thinking of reporting this to Governor Walkers’s taxpayer fraud hotline. Seems like more of a misuse of taxpayer money than, um, food stamps.

I will hopefully have photos from last night’s incident here shortly.


6 thoughts on “Got Klepto Keystone Kops?: When Wisconsin Capitol Cops aren’t busy brutalizing, they’re stealing

  1. The cops are right; unattended items on government property are subject to confiscation. Technically, you aren’t even allowed to put a sign on government property, you have to hold it.

  2. Thanks for the note. I’ve been told by more than 1 person that the Capitol Police have jurisdiction anywhere in the State of Wisconsin although they are commonly found at designated state buildings. Sometimes they are seen accompanying legislators/the Governor for special functions or public meetings and hearings. They have delivered citations at times to homes in Madison in the evening. In the case of at least one person, they visited a workplace to deliver a citation.

  3. You might look into how the capitol police are funded and managed. They are a separate police force from the city, and are usually under the authority of the capitol facility. It isn’t unusual in many states for them to far exceed their jurisdiction (the capitol grounds). Talk to the legislators who are on your side. They will make a note of it and while they probably won’t get your sign back, they usually have enough pull to make the senior officers cringe a bit.

    • Gonzo that is a move people in other states can do but this is Wisconsin and Walker controls the shots. If you are not aware of all that has been going on in this state since he came into being just look at North Korea’s democracy in action…NOT. Welcome to WisKorea Open For Business…Unless you don’t have millions for or agree with Supreme Emperor Walker.

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