Calling all bounty hunters: Sly offers $500 to bring the Scott Walker spitter to justice

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic march upon Washington D.C.,  Scott Walker told an audience of Republicans in Montgomery, Alabama that they needed to “embody courage”.  In the course of his speech on courage, Walker told his audience that in 2011 his mother and his son were not only yelled at but also spit upon while in a grocery store.

Wisconsinites who have been closely watching the news of the past 3 years  expressed doubt and puzzlement to learn of the spitting so late – –  2 years after it allegedly happened. 

When Scott Walker spoke to the Christian Broadcasting Network in April of 2012 he mentioned a yelling incident but mentioned nothing of spitting:

“Last year, my 16 year old and my mother in her 70s were at a grocery store and got yelled at. I’ve had my kids targeted on Facebook; we’ve had all those sorts of things.”

Sly of radio station 93.7 WEKZ has decided to get to the bottom of things by offering a $500 reward to the person who can provide “original information” that leads to the “arrest and conviction of the individual who committed this heinous act”.   Read Sly’s full statement in full (PDF format).





Illustration credit:   Mike Molloy of flickr.  Creative Commons License use.


4 thoughts on “Calling all bounty hunters: Sly offers $500 to bring the Scott Walker spitter to justice

  1. You KNOW that if the story were true, there would be evidence of an arrest. And Charlie Sykes would have practically wet himself with excitement covering it. The story would have become legend way before this moment in time.

    Walker is not the kind of guy to let people go spitting, singing or carrying 8 x 11 paper signs of protest or identification as an observer.

    So why would he have let some horrible person spit on his MOTHER and son?

    Why? Because it never happened.

    Maybe some savvy news guy can contact his mother and son and let them tell their tale of terror.

  2. Spitting on someone is assault. Why didn’t his mommy and sonny boy call the PD or at least report it to store management so that it could be verified by store video.

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