That promised donation to the First Amendment Protection Fund must have slipped Mike Tate’s mind

This is a facebook note by Lisa Wells.  She has given this blog permission to reprint it here:

A reporter contacted me about an article about Dem support of the SSA since he heard that I “shamed” Mike Tate into pledging $50 to the First Amendment Fund. This was my response:

Mike Tate posted on facebook on August 1. 
Mike Tate:  

“Having been in Madison much of the week I realized that I was actually concerned that if I entered the Capitol near the noon hour I’d be arrested. I figure the Walker folks would love a pic of me in cuffs. And it made me think on how much it seems the definition of what is a crime or unlawful behavior has changed. It’s apparently not a crime to strip workers of their rights, have campaign operatives running a govt, radically redistricting our state, slowing release of public records, have campaign operatives blatantly coordinating activity between independent and candidate groups and on and on. Yet a few folks gathering to sing songs seeking a redress of grievances in our Capitol is a crime. As a child I loved wandering the Capitol and walking onto the Assembly and Senate floors, looking at the parlors. Today, as an adult I fear entering the building for risk I may be led away in handcuffs and charged with a crime.”

I shared his status and said:
“I say if you are too scared to walk in the building, donate some money to those who are not:

These were the comments where Mike pledged $50:

Doug Cvetkovich Great point Lisa.
August 1 at 2:33pm via mobile · Like

Lisa Wells Mike is always sending me e-mails asking for money to fight for the cause. Put up or shut up.
August 1 at 2:34pm · Like · 1
Doug Cvetkovich Lisa just put a challenge out there for you Mike.
August 1 at 2:36pm via mobile · Like
Mike Tate I will happily pledge $50 to the efforts.
August 1 at 8:22pm · Unlike · 2
Lisa Wells Thanks, Mike Tate!
August 2 at 7:31am · Like

There has been no crowing or fanfare about the donation since that time, so I think it slipped Mike’s mind. He should make his donation to the First Amendment Protection Fund, along with permission to release his name as a donor. I believe if you were to ask the people running the fund if he has made the donation, their response may be “Mike who?”

Barca says the dems have a “unified effort?” This week I saw Chistine Sinicki, Diane Hesselbein, and Melissa Sargent at the sing along yet Chris Larson was on the Devil’s Advocates Radio program today (Thursday) saying “get a permit.” Apparently the democrats need to learn the definition of “unified.” Much like Scott Walker needs to learn what “unintimidated” actually means. Both parties are in need of a decent dictionary.

I do appreciate the Democrats’ attempts to contact the DOA, though. Unfortunately, they are met with the same responses as the public and the media which are lies or silence. The SSA is not like other events which obtained permits prior to Scott Walker’s rise to power. The SSA is merely a gathering of citizens who are upset with the current administration, many (most?) of which don’t even know each other. Over 50% of WI has no meaningful representation in the government now that the republicans control the judiciary, executive, and legislative branches (thanks to gerrymandering). The republicans DO understand the word “unified.” They are lock-step and hell-bent on destroying anything progressive in our state. The people who sing at the Capitol just want to be heard. When our representatives can no longer speak for us (at least for no more than 2 minutes at time), then we must speak (or sing) for ourselves.

To take out a permit for permit’s sake is silly. To believe anything the DOA tells you is foolhardy (7.5 million dollars’ damage? Weddings in the rain? Two by fours and metal pipes in banners? Observers will not be arrested? Want me to go on?)

Reasonable people could come up with a reasonable compromise as to how to share the rotunda space. Unfortunately, the DOA is not run by reasonable people. And both major parties seem too worried about how to stay in power or to how regain it, than to try to bring any semblance of sanity and cooperation back to Wisconsin.




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