Updated with video / Lothlorian Cooperative House Fire Displaces 33 People

UPDATE: Video from the frat house across the street (includes some swearing commentary).

lothlorian fire

On September 11th, the Lothlorian housing co-op had a fire that started on the 3rd floor roof deck. See this MCC Press Release for more details.

The Lothlorian co-op is a vast castle-like structure with 31 rooms that has housed thousands of Madisonians. If you live in Madison chances are you either know somebody who lives there or has lived there. I know two people who live – or rather were living there.

The City of Madison has temporarily declared the building uninhabitable and 33 former Lothlorian residents are sheltering elsewhere.

Twenty-five of the residents are UW-Madison students. Staff from UW’s Dean of Students are helping students affected by the fire with crisis loans, communicating with professors, and in some cases securing temporary housing- – though offers of housing are also coming in from other housing co-ops, friends, and the American Red Cross. UW DEAN OF STUDENTS INFO PAGE

If you would like to offer resources or assistance, you might want to first review what’s posted at the Madison Community Cooperative page to aid the Lothlorian folks.

You can also call MCC at 608 251-2667 or send an email to services@madisoncommunitycoop and check in on the Lothlorian facebook page

This is a WePay account set up by Lothlorian resident Carl Gibson.

From Lothlorian’s MCC page:
“We are a community of approximately 34 people (both students, workers & others), along with 2 cats (neither students nor workers) who share a large yellow castle on the shore of Lake Mendota. Since our founding in 1973, Lothlorien Co-op has striven to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for people of all ages, sexes, races and sexual orientations. Many of our members are politically active in queer rights, labor rights, environmental and feminist movements, and our home is an open resource to activist groups like: Food Not Bombs, Stop the War, Infoshop, and the Student Labor Action Coalition. We often host benefit concerts, fiestas, coffeehouses, and other events providing the city of Madison w/ good times. Based in egalitarian ideals, house decisions are made through Formal Consensus at weekly Elven Council meetings.”

lothlorian street view

lothlorian 2


2 thoughts on “Updated with video / Lothlorian Cooperative House Fire Displaces 33 People

  1. Okay UW fratboys do you know any other words than the F-bomb? It might be funny if you weren’t students at one of the world’s great institutions of higher learning. Good for you for capturing the fire though. Oh yeah, and “Holy F*ck!” “Do you think the whole thing is going to go?”

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