Unintimidated, Bucky Badger sets the record straight

Today I received a letter from THE Buckingham Badger. He responds to inaccuracies which appeared in a Cap Times article, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel piece, and a University of Wisconsin post.


Bucky sees that his activies at the Wisconsin Capitol have been in the news lately. Astonishingly, some are now questioning his Bucky credentials.

Capitol Bucky says that he is the real spirit of Wisconsin. The real Bucky stands with Fighting Bob LaFollette. All the other Buckys are imposters. Bucky started protesting at the Capitol in 2011, holding signs like “Bucky Supports the TAA and all Wisconsin Unions”. Now Bucky sings at the Sing Along! And Bucky is unintimidated.

UW administrators tried to enslave Bucky to make money! Tried to exploit poor Bucky. But Badgers are fierce and yearn to breath free. Bucky said “Before I’d be a slave I’d be buried in my grave”. Now Bucky is unchained! No-one can control him!

Bucky noticed an article about him in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, quoting a UW official: “The logo of Bucky Badger is a federally registered logo. As far as costumes go, they’re not available to the public for sale,” said Cindy Van Matre, UW-Madison trademark licensing director. “The only actual costumes are the ones the official mascot wears.”

Bucky laughs and laughs, since the University of Wisconsin Book Store has itself been selling fake Bucky costumes to the public. Here’s a Halloween picture of a someone wearing one of those Bucky costumes from the UW Book Store.

The Journal Sentinel article says that that according to Cindy Van Matre: The bona fide Bucky is not political.

Here are pictures of Buckys appearing with Republican politicians.

Why is Van Matre telling lies about Buckys?

But again, Bucky has to comment – those Buckys cavorting with GOP Politicians were imposter Buckys. The real Bucky is the People’s Bucky. The real Bucky stands with ordinary Wisconsin working folks, not with weasel politicans. The real Bucky basks in the JOY of the beautiful people of the Solidarity Sing Along.

The Journal Sentinel article also included : “This is sadder than an unsanctioned Santa. This will not stand,” Perry said.

When Bucky read that, Bucky had to make sure the whole article wasn’t satire. So, who has the licensing for Santa, then? Who’s sanctioning the Santas?

And UW News released an article falsely claiming: “Wisconsin’s newest invasive species is an imposter in Bucky’s clothing.”

I’ll have you know that “the species in Bucky’s clothing” is a true-blue Wisconsin native! A Wisconsin citizen since probably before you were born! Bucky doesn’t like invasive species. Tea Party folks have invaded Wisconsin and messed up the ecosystem. Bucky knows that in the recall election, campaign contributions to Walker were disproportionately from out-of-state. Bucky is working to rid Wisconsin of invasive species. Bucky restores Wisconsin prairies, pulling out invasive species like garlic mustard and exotic honeysuckle. How could the author of that UW News article confuse Bucky with invasive species?

Cindy Van Matre also claimed that Bucky had “puffy features, odd coloring and sloppy sweater.” And the UW News article claimed his sweater was “rumpled”.

Bucky’s sweater is not sloppy! Or rumpled! 

Though Bucky does admit that he looks a little worse for wear. He’s been battered by events in his beloved state over the last two years. The union busting really busted him up. And now the lovely Penokees, one of his favorite parts of the state, will be turned into an open pit mine. Bucky’s really been through the grinder. After such events, wouldn’t you look worse for wear?

And some people have commented that Bucky appears to have “traded in his typical sneakers for big, fluffy feet”. Well, Bucky’s sneakers wore out from marching around the Capitol. So now he has to walk around barefoot. But one of the things Badgers are known for is endurance! 

The Journal Sentinel article includes the following: “…. Bucky is about fun, Bucky is about unity and Bucky is about the state at its best,” said Perry.

Exactly. That’s why Bucky is so attracted to the Solidarity Sing Along!

In the Capitol rotunda, Bucky is doing first-class SIFTING & WINNOWING


Buckingham Badger


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