Please read and share this censored post: The Hunger Games – Wisconsin Edition


I saw this on the Overpass Light Brigade’s wall:
“Read the blogpost about Walker and Ryan and the “New Hunger Games” that Facebook has censored. Go to “rootriversiren-dot-blogspot-dot-com” (without the dashes) since FB won’t even allow the url.”

That’s what people are being reduced to.
Manually pecking out URLs.

For crying out loud.

Here’s a link to the banned post:
The Hunger Games ~ Wisconsin Edition

Dear reader, in case you do not know what’s going on here, basically, if somebody doesn’t like the message that you’ve put in your blog post they can make it so you can’t share it on facebook by reporting it as ‘porn’ or ‘violent’ or whatever fits into a facebook complaint form. It seems that there is a concerted and professional effort to censor statements that disparage Scott Walker based on the number of times this has happened to bloggers and activists in Wisconsin in the past year.

Please do one of the following with Root River Siren’s post (or this one – but I’d rather you share the actual post that is banned).

– email this post to a list you’re on

– email it to a state legislator

– tweet it

– print it out and share it at an event

– link to it from your own blog

– share it on google+

– link to it on tumblr

– etc. etc. etc.

We need to fight this sort of stealthy censorship of politics on the net.

This is getting scary.

The ‘Be Visible’ image is shared here under creative commons license use. It comes from Light Brigading on flickr.


One thought on “Please read and share this censored post: The Hunger Games – Wisconsin Edition

  1. You quite awesome friend! Readers can also find the Siren in a parallel blog:
    Which can be linked to Facebook. (Yes we are required to write TWO blogs to get around the Facebook censors.)

    It’s is a shame so people have been targeted by RWNJ’s who don’t appreciate our point of view – once you get banned by Facebook, it is nearly impossible to get back on.

    Thanks Blue!

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