DC rumors say Shutdown to lead to Grand Bargain, social security cuts possible

This man spoke the truth for many a Republican in D.C.:

“We’re not going to be disrespected,” conservative Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind., added. “We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

I understand the puzzlement. We don’t know what that even is either.

Oh wait.

You’re a bunch of heartless, rich, disconnected lunatics. How about dismantling what little the United States has for a safety net?

From National Review by way of The Nation:
GOP leadership is cooking up another big budget deal that includes cuts to the safety net so cherished by many conservative members.

“It’s the return of the grand bargain,” one member told Costa. “Ryan is selling this to everybody; he’s getting back to his sweet spot,” said another.


Politico offers a few more details – from unattributed sources (of course)

In a large-scale deal, Republicans say they are discussing settling for some combo of

* a repeal of the medical device tax if there’s enough savings elsewhere
* means-testing Medicare
* chained consumer price index
* raising the retirement age
* comprehensive tax reform

Politico also says Obama and Dems are sticking to raising new ‘revenue’ in any potential deal.

I don’t see why Obama would bargain with these guys. A majority of the public is blaming the Republicans and not the Dems for this debacle. What exactly is his incentive to stop something that’s making him look better and the Tea Party look worse?

What Got Me Looking At The Grand Bargain

This photo:



Barbara Lee of California’s 13th Congressional District shared that photo today.

Apparently progressives in Congress see the Grand Bargain gossip as Grand Bargain writing on the wall and are alarmed – particularly about talk of cuts to social security. They formed their own human chain today to take a stand against “chained CPI”.


Below is a video of that.

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan speaks at the 37 second mark:
“My mom is 84-years-old. I grew up in a lower-middle class family. She gets $1,100 a month in social security. She lives like a third of seniors – off of that $1,100 a month. If we do chained CPI that means a cut of over $1,100 dollars a year to her. Something that she simply can’t afford.”


About “getting something out of this” at the state level

While D.C. Tea Partiers are slowly scheming a way out of this trap of their own making, Republican-dominated states can engage in small pissing matches without delay. For example, in Wisconsin we have this: State refuses federal order to close Horicon Marsh

Be on the look out for more of these we-ain’t-gonna-listen-to-the-feds stories across the nation.


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