Two events to address lethal City of Madison police practices, hiring of new police chief. Mon. Oct.14 / Wed. Oct.16

Advocates for justice in the investigation of the fatal shooting of Paulie Heenan have pulled together an important community forum slated for October 16th which aims to press for reform of Madison police practices – practices that are related to the deaths of both Paul Heenan and Charles Carll.

Charles Carll was fatally shot by officers on Aug. 17 on Hammersly Road after his wife called for medical aid. Paulie Heenan was fatally shot by Officer Stephen Heimsness November 9, 2012 in the Williamson Street neighborhood. The community forum will also focus on selection of a new Madison police chief.

There is ALSO a special Police & Fire Commission (PFC) “listening session” scheduled for October 14th which will be focused specifically on hiring a new police chief.

Police Chief Noble Wray has stepped down as of Sept. 27. An interim chief is in charge until a permanent chief is appointed.

While addressing the use of deadly force on citizens is of crucial importance, our region also suffers from racist policing and I hope Madison will include that topic in these discussions as well.

Mon 10/14 – 6:00p
Downtown library
The Police & Fire Commission hires the police chief, not the Mayor or Common Council. The PFC will hold a listening session to seek comment regarding the needs of the City and the department from members of the public. – source



Wed, Oct. 16th, 7-9pm
The First Congregational Church
1609 University Ave. – facebook event

Speakers / Agenda:
* State Rep. Chris Taylor
* UW Law Professor, Michael Scott
* Former MPD Captain of Training, Cheri Maples
* Keith Bailey, lead organizer of Milwaukee Matters
* Open community discussion to submit your input to the Police and Fire Commission.

NOW is a crucial time for community input, as the Police & Fire Commission will soon be selecting a new Chief for the Madison Police Department. This is the time for the community to have a voice on key issues affecting us right now, including:

1) The current police standard for the use of deadly force. Since November 2012, with the unnecessary shooting of an unarmed man on the east side, there have been 3 police shootings resulting in the death of citizens – deaths that many people believe were preventable.

2) The current practice of law enforcement investigating themselves in use-of-force incidents. It is not fair to either law enforcement or to the community they serve to expect the department to be able to investigate their friends and colleagues in an objective, unbiased manner. This is especially true when the use of force results in death.

You can make a difference! If there is to be change, it requires YOU to take action. Please join your community in helping transform current problematic police practices in these areas – let your voice be heard, and listen to others, as the Police & Fire Commission begins its process of hiring a new Chief.

LINK to a PDF flyer.

Event description by Annie Besant from the facebook event WE DEFINE TRUST-BASED POLICING : A COMMUNITY MEETING

The Paulie Heenan Case Advocacy & Timeline Page

Attorney: eyewitness disputes police in officer-involved shooting – Aug 27, 2013

Police: Officers involved in shooting mistakenly sent to home — Wife called to secure medical care for husband, officials say Author: Adam Schrager Sept 04, 2013

Legal Complaint – The Estate of Paul Heenan vs. The City of Madison, Noble Wray, Steven Heimsness

Race To Equity: A project to reduce racial disparities in Dane County


3 thoughts on “Two events to address lethal City of Madison police practices, hiring of new police chief. Mon. Oct.14 / Wed. Oct.16

  1. Policing Our Community
    The recent killings by police and the harsh tactics in law enforcement have created a boundary between police and community. Instead of acting as community members keeping the community safe and protected, the police are acting aggressively toward citizens, using inordinate force to complete their jobs. This policing approach has arisen because of the war on drugs and funding to reduce crime. The result is the militarization of the police into a SWAT style of aggressive policing, but has not reduced drugs or crime problems, while making citizens the victims.

    All officials who oversee policing – the mayor and city counsel members, the county executive and supervisors, Public Service Commissioners, Police & Fire Commission members, police advisory groups, the police-sheriff officials, and City police, County sheriff, Capitol police members – must read Radley Balko, “Rise Of The Warrior Cop – The Militarization of America’s Police Forces”. Beginning on page 221 the book cites a 2001 study of Wisconsin police militarization conducted by the WSJ. While providing the background of and options for policing, the summary states, “…. laws, policies, and procedures select for personalities attracted to aggressive, antagonistic policing; isolate police from the communities they serve; and condition police officers to see the people they serve– the people with whom they interact every day — as the enemy”.

    It’s time to demilitarize all local law enforcement and get back to community policing for citizen safety and protection. Finally, a review council independent of government and the enforcement organizations must be developed to monitor and review actions and policies consistent with community policing.

    Thank you
    E. Rick Beebe /s/
    Licensed and Forensic Psychologist

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