What a headline: Congressman Sean Duffy, former ‘Real World’ cast member, assaulted on Capitol Hill

Did you hear that Representative Sean Duffy was “assaulted” in D.C. recently? Details are scant.  I gather that he was yelled at and the person who yelled grabbed his arm.  
Who yelled?
What did the person yell?
Who knows.

Wouldn’t surprise me if our enraged stranger saw this September 30th video of Duffy trying not to smirk over his party’s impending gov’t shutdown.

Anyway – about the headline.
I got to sifting and comparing articles and I had a good chuckle when I read  ABLX Boston and saw this headline – which mentions his past as a “Real World” star:

sean duffy real world headline


There’s no love for his award winning lumberjack skillz on the East Coast?

You see Duffy was a star on The Real World Boston – thusly a Boston web site might have a sentimental attachment to our lumberjack turned TV star turned congressman. According to wikipedia, that was the only episode of Real World that was broadcast from Boston.

The article even picked up a couple of photos from Sean’s younger days:

sean duffy mtv


sean duffy the real world


This blog will gladly keep Sean’s Real World celeb status alive. Here’s a couple videos from back in the day. Why not? Sean was closer to reality while on this TV show than he is today as an elected official.

Here’s episode 1


And here’s the strip tease which I think all 5.5 million Wisconsinites have seen by now – but who knows. Maybe not.


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