Candidate for WI Guv comments on Walker’s “bomb” bill, Act 10

Here’s a key read on what Mary Burke said at a press conference yesterday:

Burke criticizes Act 10, declines to discuss repeal

Seems like the candidate wants to project a fair and reasonable attitude toward workers but she isn’t going to go so far as to vow full restoration of public union collective bargaining rights — no surprise given this is THE hot button issue of the past few years and Barrett worked very hard to hide from it during the recall which was inspired by it.

Burke says in this article, “There were certainly changes that needed to be made, but Act 10 was not the way I would have done it as governor”

What are the changes?
How would she handle ‘it’?
What does she think of Judge Colas ruling on it?

Can’t help but be curious. But I suspect that the candidate will try to deflect the focus away from this issue. “Burke said jobs would be the focus of her campaign”.

We are reminded that it’s not like Burke is [or was] an AFSCME employee who worked in a public library. She’s the philanthropist who can fund a whole new room in that worker’s public library.

It’s a different life. The worker’s career ticks by in dollars per hour, hours per day, vacation days left, so many years vested. Workers are leashed to duties and a place.

The corporate executive’s career floats above the shop floor and time card. Internationally understood concepts slip the executive’s lips: Price per share, quarter earnings, ROI. The executive lives in a sphere that boils everything down to a spreadsheet.

The Past:


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