Walker and Stepp cooked up fake park closings to show “defiance” against federal gov’t

Was there
(A) a misunderstanding between the Scott Walker administration and the federal government over what parks could and could not stay open?


Did the Walker administration make up some anti-federal government bluster so it could pump up Walker as a Tea Party rebel?

I lean very strongly toward choice B. 😉

Check out these recent headlines:
fox nation parks

gateway shutdown hero

politix parks open

It seems that in truth, there never were any orders to close any Wisconsin parks.

Here’s a snippet from a spokesperson for the National Park Service:

“There was no directive from the National Park Service to cease operations; we merely informed them that the payments through their cooperative agreement would cease for the period of the shutdown. It was left to the discretion of the DNR how to best deal with the curtailed funding” [source:TPM]

DNR Chief Cathy Stepp spoke with TPM Friday and said herself that only 18% of funding for the 7 park properties in question comes from the federal gov’t.

“The rest is shouldered by the state and by user fees and by volunteer contributions and donations, so very little is actually supported by the federal government,” Stepp said.

From the same story, we learn that DNR Chief Cathy Stepp told TPM that “when we were told that we were going to have to shut down these properties, we were pretty alarmed. This is a very key tourism season for us coming up”.

Ms. Stepp is the same government official that rather infamously – – and irresponsibly — stirred up animosity between Wisconsin sportsmen and tribes during this year’s spearfishing season.

Is she above stirring up a little skirmish between Walker and the feds if it heats up her boss’s bad boy image?
I think not.

Read the interesting story in full at ERIC LACH’s
Did The Feds Really Order Scott Walker To Shut Down Wisconsin Parks?



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