La Crosse professor in hot water for linking shutdown with Republicans and Tea Party

Note on an update I made:
I previously printed only a copy of the 1st email. I’ve now added a 2nd email copied from,

Here’s the 1st email that caused a brou ha ha. It was sent from Rachel Slocum to her students. She is a geography professor at UW-La Crosse. This email is copied from Daily Caller.

hi everyone

Some of the data gathering assignment will be impossible to complete until the Republican/tea party controlled House of Representatives agrees to fund the government. The Census website, for example, is closed. Please do what you can on the assignment. Those parts that you’re unable to do because of the shutdown will have to wait until Congress decides we actually need a government. Please listen to the news and be prepared to turn in the assignment quickly once our nation re-opens.


Here’s the Daily Caller headline
Leftist geography professor at taxpayer-funded university rails at students over shutdown

“Rails”? Overreacting much?

Looks like basically the Tea Party wants to both manipulate the federal government to the point of shutdown and also not have to take responsibility for that manipulation.

This is the 2nd email that Slocum sent to her students after the right wing’s flying monkeys filled the internet’s skies:

hi everyone,

The email I sent you all about the government shut down was not meant to be partisan, but it may have come across that way. The following is a more thorough, less annoyed version of shutdown events.

It’s part of the democratic process for Congress to be able to shut down the government by not raising the debt ceiling or allowing the passage of a temporary budget (continuing resolution) that keeps the government open. Typically, Congress easily passes legislation to allow the government to borrow and to keep it running until an actual budget is hammered out. Today the reason the government has shutdown is because Republicans want Democrats to agree to signficant changes to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They have control of the House. Democrats argue that the ACA just went into effect on October 1st so we haven’t yet seen what needs to be changed. They won’t agree to these big changes (like delaying the ACA for a year or stripping it of funding) nor will the president. Consequently, the Senate rejected the House bill, there was no Continuing Resolution, and the government was forced to close. Incidentally, within the Republican party, there was disagreement over whether to shut down the government. McCain for instance was opposed along with other Senate Republicans. It’s important to recognize that within the Republican party there is disagreement over how to govern. Many are not happy with this all or nothing style that people on the far right (who refer to themselves as the Tea Party) are advocating. This is, in essence, the argument made by conservative columnist David Brooks.

It is true that I am dismayed that you cannot easily do the assignment. My opinion is that this shutdown is a bad idea.

If you want to discuss all of this, let me know and I can make an internal (D2L) discussion board about it. But please don’t forward my emails to conservative blogs or list servs and I will make sure my emails explain things fully.

Here’s hoping you can get to the assignment this week.


Here’s what put out.

But the FOX NATION headline is my fave for I thought that the NATION of FOX quit using the term “slimdown”!

wisco slimdown

Giggling roomies from Washington D.C. saying OOPS over release of email to Daily Caller.

conservative girl tweets

The following info on email-leaker Katie Johnson comes from the site Right Wisconsin:

Katie is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse majoring in political science and public administration, interning in the DC-metro area with Americans for Tax Reform.

During her time in college, she campaigned extensively with the Republican Party of Wisconsin to keep Gov. Scott Walker in office during the Wisconsin recalls. Additionally, she worked with campus and statewide College Republicans to mobilize conservative students on college campuses.

Katie served as Secretary of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans, Social Media Director for “Shattering Stereotypes,” an effort to change misconceptions about the Republican Party, worked as a reporter for the UW-La Crosse newspaper the Racquet, and serves as a liaison between student senate and faculty senate at UW-La Crosse. Katie also attends University of Wisconsin Board of Regents meetings as a representative of UW-La Crosse students. She has served as a student senator, an intern for Rep. Paul Ryan, and regional political director for the Walker anti-recall campaign.

This summer, she worked as an intern at the Leadership Institute, managing social media for


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