When Koch Speaks, The Tea Party Listens: The Koch Letter to Congress

Somehow I missed seeing the October 9th Koch letter which aimed to inform the House GOP that while Charles and David have really enjoyed maligning President Obama and his signature piece of healthcare legislation, they did not intend to nearly puppeteer politicians – and the global economy – straight into a global financial abyss. Or well, that’s the gist of it.

The letter was written after Harry Reid read from “A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning” on the House floor – an article which points an accusatory finger straight at the Koch boys.

The letter says “Koch” (Not “David and Charles” – just “KOCH”)
* did not take a position on tying a budget resolution to defunding Obamacare
* that they have not lobbied on legislation that defunds Obamacare.

Their letter had an impact on John Boehner (unlike the calls and letters of millions of Americans), it seems, and was followed by this news:

House Republican leaders are coalescing around a plan to provide a six-week extension of the debt limit – putting off the threat of default until early December and allowing time for negotiations on a broader budget agreement, a House Republican leadership source tells ABC News.

House Republican leaders will present this plan to the rank and file at a meeting of the entire House Republican conference this morning at 10 a.m.
This plan involves only raising the debt ceiling and does not fund the government

Under this emerging plan, the government would remain shut down while negotiations proceed on a broader budget agreement

source: ABC News

Update: More current info on the debt deal is at
John Boehner’s clumsy endgame: House Republicans run for the exits BY BRIAN BEUTLER

It was thoughtful of the Brothers Koch to write this letter after several members of congress, “asked what our position is on this issue”.

Here the letter is full (PDF format).

The Brothers also request a reduction in D.C. “cronyism.” They say nothing about Wisconsin cronyism.

Weigel Contradicts New York Times

I’ll leave it up to you to bop over to No, the Kochs Aren’t Behind the Government Shutdown and see what you think of Weigel’s argument against that New York Times piece.

Weigel’s piece concludes:
“You could argue that the Kochs, like the chamber and a lot of other donors, created a Frankenstein’s monster. They might not want a shutdown, they might think it’s destructive to their larger cause of cutting entitlements, but they spent the money to elect a disobedient Republican Congress. Oops!

But you can’t really argue that the Kochs are “deeply involved” in the shutdown strategy. Unless, you know, it sounds really good to your base to blame the villains they’re familiar with for every crisis. Then go ahead, I guess.”


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