Special Spendthrift Session: Walker’s $100 million dollar faux surplus scheme

I cosign what @thegirlone said:

dreaded special session

For the few who haven’t seen this – here are the basics:

From WisPolitics.com:

“Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday announced a special session to take up $100 million in property tax relief.

The measure would distribute that amount to school districts through equalization aids, which Walker called “the easiest way for school districts, as they set their levies, to understand the system.” He said districts have already established their budgets for the year and all the money would go directly toward property taxes.”

Supposedly this is to be signed in a week’s time. (Zoom!)

Jon Peacock at Wisconsin Budget Project says he’s surprised that the funding for this is coming from the state budget surplus.

Peacock says that, “spending down a one-time surplus isn’t a sustainable funding plan. Although the state announced in August that tax revenue in 2012-13 was $71.5 million more than previously estimated, half of that goes into the Rainy Day Fund – so the better-than-anticipated revenue in the last biennium doesn’t fund much of this new proposal.”

He also offers some key questions for legislators to ask before offering their “YAY” vote to this since there are basically no details yet:

(as if our Republican-dominated legislature would have the brass to say “NAY” to Our Dear Leader — and as if we can’t offer our complete faith and trust in him!)

You can read those smart questions at
How Would $100 Million Expenditure for Property Tax Relief Affect Other Budget Priorities?


Scott “brown bag government” Walker has a ‘surplus’. Gee.

Meanwhile the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates he set Wisconsin up for a $545 million dollar structural deficit by the end of the 2015-2017 budget

Our small government Governor gets to say he has a “surplus” after he borrowed over $2 billion dollars in the 2013 – 2015 budget. With about half of that going to new roads that we do not need as we ignore roads and bridges that DO need repair.

Meanwhile the buses chug along on less, the public schools are squeezed, Medicaid millions are rejected, and the guy in the mobile home you drive by probably pays a higher percent tax than the mansion dwellers in Maple Bluff.

THIS after public union employees needed to suck it up because WI was so “broke”.

I’ve heard that a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. In this case the word “surplus” is lending cover for a spendthrift plan that stinks ranker than a brick shithouse in July.

Budgetary B.S. Exposure
Senator Vinehout wrote a very nice piece to help us wade through Walker’s budgetary B.S.: Budget Myths Abound

Paving the State with Taxpayer Money
WISPIRG verified that Walker’s spending on roads is ludicrous. Younger people are driving less, WI has a low rate of population increase, we have old roads and bridges in need of repair, and YET we’re spending more on NEW roads.


The full PDF Report: Highway Boom Budget Bust at WISPIRG


One thought on “Special Spendthrift Session: Walker’s $100 million dollar faux surplus scheme

  1. Curious to know how many of the approximately 60 people Walker has on his staff are paid to lie for him. Hope you can research that in your free time.

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