Hunting for votes: Say ‘cheese!’ with your gun, get a Scott Walker sticker

Well, if you’re a hunter, you usually have a gun with you, right? (Hat tip to Mr. Steve P.S.)

I stand wih scott walker hunting photo

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the Wisconsin gubernatorial campaigns for 2014 are starting to pick up steam.

My first thought when I saw this pandering was, “Wow, is he ever scared of Burke.”

Actually he’s getting spooked from multiple directions:

– Burke, at least for the moment, is a Dem candidate that is managing to out job-create Walker through her “I was a leader at Trek” image alone. In contrast Walker has more success creating scandals than with creating 250,000 promised jobs.

– TeaPublicans everywhere are being dragged into a polling ditch by the shutdown. Paul Ryan is now down 7 points against an unknown Dem. [source] Rep. Sean Duffy is slipping too along with 16 of his D.C. comrades.

– There’s some gossip about an unstoppable Burke/Vinehout ticket. I have no idea if there’s anything to that, but Walker would pee his pants in fear over such a duo.

Wish I knew if Senator Vinehout were entering into the equation. As far as I know, her entry into this race is still VERY possible.

Politics is some of the past, a smidge of the present, and mostly what is possible. As much as the uncertainty of this time in the campaign pains me, there ARE possibilities now. That has me feeling fine and it’s making Scotty scared.

As Grumpy Cat would say, “GOOD!”

P.S. – His sign thing reminds me: Republicans understand the importance of signs in rural Wisconsin. The Democrats do not.


3 thoughts on “Hunting for votes: Say ‘cheese!’ with your gun, get a Scott Walker sticker

  1. Wishing you knew what Vinehout was going to do, and I’ll say, pay your money and place your bet.

    She needs you to let her know your preference. I am backing a needed, “D,” primary. For starters it would distract media attention from anything the W campaign might have to say about anything.

    The signage had me thinking about slogans countering the one you’ve presented. “I’m Not Standing With John Doe.”

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