Wisconsin campaign news catch up

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We’ve seen a lot of campaign news recently.
Here’s a catch up on what’s come to pass. Some of it’s brand new and some of it is a little dusty.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Seat:

Amar Kaleka – The son of a slain Sikh temple president plans to challenge U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in next year’s congressional election.– source: WISN

Rob Zerban seems to be edging toward a run:
“The Democrat who failed to unseat Rep. Paul Ryan last year is planning an “announcement rally” at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Rob Zerban (zer-BAHN’) has formed a congressional exploratory committee but he hasn’t formally announced his candidacy. Committee coordinator Al Benninghoff says the Oct. 26 event is being billed as an “announcement rally” but he didn’t have further details.”

I could not find further details on the rally at Rob’s facebook page or web site.

Paul Ryan just let out the news that he has $2.6 million bucks on hand.

Rep. Sean Duffy’s seat:

Kelly Westlund: “ASHLAND, WI (WTAQ) – A City Council member in Ashland says she’s seriously thinking about running against U.S. House Republican Sean Duffy next year.

Kelly Westlund has a consulting firm in Ashland. She’s the first to publicly consider a run against Duffy, a Wausau area Republican who’s in his second term.” source: B937

WI Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen:

Van Hollen announced he will not run for his seat next year.

There’s gossip that he will run for a WI Supreme Court seat.
Brad Schimel might run for JB’s AG seat, as might Rep. Jon Richards and Rep. Chris Taylor.

State AG Monitor says Schimel is def. running.

“Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel said he is likely to run for the Republican nomination. Among Democrats, state Rep. Jon Richards of Milwaukee signaled he might soon announce a bid for the office, and state Rep. Chris Taylor of Madison said she was considering it.” source: Hamilton Consulting/M.J.Sentinel

Scott Walker’s Guv seat:
Mary Burke announced her bid for the Guv’s seat October 7th.

Senator Kathleen Vinehout has not as of yet thrown her hat into this, however there is a new twitter account designed to encourage a Vinehout campaign:

“An independent twitter account encouraging Senator Kathleen Vinehout to run for Governor of Wisconsin in 2014. Not managed by either her office or campaign.”

Note: I did not make this twitter account.

vinehout 2014

A little less new:

Senator Bob Jauch

Sen. Bob Jauch announced he will not run for his state senate seat again.
I think activist Barbara With – -or another anti-mine activist – – could run for that seat as either an independent or a Dem.  If Janet Bewley runs for Jauch’s seat, then an activist could attempt to run for her Assembly seat.

Jauch says his advancing age is not the motivator for the step out. He cites a breaking down of the democratic process and frustration with hyper-partisanship:
“I think democracy in this state is at risk. Both sides play way too much to their base,” said Jauch. “Wisconsin is a progressive state. When you begin to lose the center, which is where the public is and wants you to be, democracy is at risk.”

Jeff Stone’s Assembly seat, 82nd District:

Kathleen Wied-Vincent will run as a Dem for Stone’s seat. See Retiring Guy’s Digest for more.

Jeff Stone is now the state’s new Division Administrator for Water Compliance and Consumer Affairs. He announced the resignation October 3rd.  Scott Suder was slated to be the PSC water poobah, but his involvement with the United Sportsmen scandal meant he was deflected to a position as a paper mill lobbyist.

Mark Honadel’s Assembly seat, 21st district:
The open pit mine supporter will work in private industry.
When he announced the change, Robin Vos (R-Outer Space) noted that Honadel was the first Republican elected in the 21st district in more than 70 years.

Elizabeth Coppola is running as a Dem for Honadel’s open assembly seat in the 21st district. source: CogDis

As for the GOP side there are at least 5 candidates:
KEI Executive Chris Kujawa of South Milwaukee,
Oak Creek Alderman Ken Gehl,
school-choice advocate Jessie Rodriguez,
tea party officer Larry Gamble
South Milwaukee resident Jason “Red” Arnold.
source: Oak Creek Patch

BlueSasha has more info on this district and the candidates.

Want to read more?
You’ll probably enjoy BlueSasha’s predicted outcomes at
2014 Wisconsin State Assembly Elections (1/3)

Wisconsin State Assembly Elections (2/3)


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