THIS is brown bag government?

“..the Legislative Fiscal Bureau showed that passing the $100 million giveaway and the rest of Gov Walker’s tepid “jobs package” will end up increasing the structural deficit in the next budget to $725 million. This figure also includes the “super expanded 2013 surplus” the was part of the DOA report released yesterday, and reflects a few items that can be laid directly at actions done since the November 2012 elections.”

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Yep, property tax “relief” expands budget deficit
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Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse

This is a brown lunch bag with an inked image of Scott Walker on the side. He used this in his campaign for governor of Wisconsin in 2010.


2 thoughts on “THIS is brown bag government?

    • He’s not given up on a second term, but he doesn’t plan to be around very much for it if he’s somehow re-elected.

      Thanks for the props. I made another note today about the Dem proposal that actually gave more property tax relief to most Wisconsinites, expanded Medicaid, and added to the state’s rainy day fund while having a lower structural deficit than Walker and WisGOP’s plan. Needless to say, the “brown bag” Republicans turned it down.

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