Shhhhh. This is an unbearable loss for Wisconsin State Journal.

The Progressive says “Collective Bargaining Lives Again in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin State Journal’s headline for the same news is “State Workers Found In Contempt”.


A defeat of Walker’s cold war on workers is too much for this newspaper to broadcast in plain language in a headline.
Too much for even one day.

We all know that the Koch Kourt Wisconsin Supreme Court will have its way with this issue on November 11th.

That’s TWENTY WHOLE DAYS (and a few hours) of guaranteed extra freedom for Wisconsin workers.
How will the editors of Wisconsin State Journal manage?
These shortening, dark days must be unbearable for the board members of Lee Enterprises.

I hope the doldrums don’t seep into the Associated Press. Mary Junck, the Director on Lee Enterprises’ Board also serves as Chair on the AP board.

The online version of this Wisconsin State Journal story is headlined “WERC staffers held in contempt for ignoring ruling in Act 10 challenge” – as of 6:43PM Central Time.

Interesting contrast between paper and online headlines.

Neither of them use the words “Wisconsin” “collective bargaining” “union” or “Walker”. At least the online story references “Act 10” which by now is quite familiar to politically-engaged Wisconsinites.

This image was shared by Wisconsin Jobs Now on facebook.


2 thoughts on “Shhhhh. This is an unbearable loss for Wisconsin State Journal.

  1. I can’t wait for the headline if Scooter is indicted. “Former Eagle Scout Charged”? “Wauwatosa Man Faces Allegations”?

    And, uh, Anon: the post is about the media. Not sure how you missed that.

  2. You don’t directly state it here, but your post clearly illustrates how it is the MEDIA — actually a vast network of wingnut propaganda — that has created our “divide and conquer” governor and enabled his cronies.

    None of this is about walker, the current shameless pigs that put R’s after their names, or even Wisconsin interests — its about multinational corporate interests and “divide and conquer”.

    But folks like walker (who has fetal alcohol syndrome — google it — look at his face — there are credible reports his mother was an alcoholic) are a dime a dozen.

    It isn’t about walker and actually not about the koch brothers either (who inherited the vast fortune extracted by their father from JOSEPH STALIN!)

    The economic terrorism in Wisconsin was all created by media propaganda — I know you get this.

    But I don’t know why more people don’t make this about the media and the critical need to boycott their “products” and to boycott the folks that underwrite the propaganda.

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