Bill would take regulatory control away from local gov’ts: Public Hearing on Senate Bill 349

Here’s the theme music for today’s post because – holy crap. They want it all.

I attended the public hearing on Senate Bill 349 from 9AM to 5PM yesterday but testimony went on past that –I think until 7PM.

In a nutshell, Wisconsin Senate Bill 349 would allow the state to override regulations that town and county governments have created to halt or manage frac sand mining, explosives used in mining, quarries, manure application, wastewater, air quality, and fresh water use.

I have plenty of notes etc. but my article is taking its time to ferment.

Therefore I’ll direct you to check out articles of others, but first, I want to mention that I know that Rep. Robin Vos said the legislature won’t work on the bill this fall. Whatever! Don’t get lulled into slumber by that weasel.

I assume the bill will ambush the public sometime in 2014.
If you DON’T want this bill to come to fruition, you WILL have to keep up on it, tell people about it wherever you live, and give your legislator some hell about it.

Sand mining bill could also affect iron mine, factory farms By Alison Dirr and Ron Seely at WisconsinWatch

Wisconsin GOP Aims to Limit Mining Rules and Silence Opposition By Rebecca Kemble at The Progressive

“The Zwiefelhofer decision” was cited numerous time during the hearing. Here’s a UW Extension backgrounder on that:
Wisconsin Supreme Court Approves Non-zoning Town Ordinance Regulating Frac Sand Mining

Legislators And Lobbyists First
Mike McCabe wrote about how citizens traveled hours to get to the hearing to then sit around for the whole day watch legislators and arrogant lobbyists drone on.

Official statement against SB349 from WISCONSIN FARMERS UNION

Wisconsin Legislative Council description of the SB 349

WI League of Conservation Voters: “Oppose the Kneecapping Local Communities Bill”

Here’s the full 9 and 1/2 hours of testimony on Wisconsin Eye video:

10.24.13 | Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining, and Revenue


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