Relived on national radio: Walker yanked a student’s board appointment after discovering his recall signature

Remember Josh Inglett?

He was that UW-Platteville student who was soooooo close to getting on the UW Board of Regents but
THEN somebody figured out that Inglett signed the recall, told Walker, and then Walker rescinded Inglett’s appointment.
With no explanation.

Now a segment on This American Life from Chicago Public Media features Josh Inglett’s story.

Check it out. (28 minutes long)

It’s kind of odd to revisit this at this late date.

The last time everybody was talking about this was June 14th, 2013. Then again, reliving the past is about to be very “in” shortly given the upcoming release of Scott Walker’s memoir entitled, Unmitigated Gall “Unintimidated”.

Do you think Walker included this story in his book?


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