Burke and Vinehout numbers are VERY close in latest Marquette poll

I updated that title to say “VERY close” from ‘close’.

Here’s a link to the latest Marquette U. Law School Poll.

800 people were polled Oct. 21-24 for Marquette’s latest poll.
63.5% of those polled live in the city limits of Milwaukee.
624 of these folks said they will definitely vote in the November 2014 election.

Just a few things I noticed.

Burke vs. Vinehout: Close Same

This is corrected. Why did I goof? Because Milwaukee Journal Sentinel goofed. See footnote for that.

It’s Walker 47% to Vinehout 45% [Walker polls 46.7% to Vinehout’s 44.5%]
Walker 47% to Burke 45% [Walker polls 47.1% to Burke’s 44.9%]

That’s closer than I would expect given that Burke has been appearing on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio while Vinehout hasn’t had as much media attention in the past few weeks.

Also of interest is that
505 of the folks asked about Burke were not able to offer an opinion on her yet
while the same metric was 568 for Kathleen Vinehout.

Those numbers are also closer than I would have expected.

marquette poll oct 30

Approval of the way Obama does his job as president is close to Walker’s job approval rating

I don’t shout it from the rooftops, but I’m very down on the way Obama has done his job at the moment.
As you can see, the people polled by Marquette are NOT so critical.
389 offer their approval [48.5%]
369 disapprove [46.2%]
Only 40 said “I don’t know”
Only 1 refused to answer

Now get a load of this.
When they’re asked about how Scott Walker is doing his job,
395 offer approval [49.3%]
374 disapprove [46.7%]

? Seems weird to me.
But, this also seems weird to me:
Over the past few years, 320 of those polled voted for only 1 party while 473 of those polled sometimes voted for BOTH.

A very interesting bunch of voters we have here.

Here are a few more #’s of interest:
Ron Johnson’s approval is down.
28.5% approve, 33.2% disapprove

Tammy Baldwin’s doing fine in comparison
47.3% approve, 36.1% don’t

Potential presidential candidates and approval #’s are also listed.
Among conservatives, Chris Christie is polling best with 39.1% approve, 20.8% don’t

Ted Cruz is doing awfully: 14.7% approve, 32.6% disapprove
and a whopping 46% have not heard enough to make any judgement of him.
(How did they manage to NOT hear enough about that guy? I heard too much.)

The Tea Party is doing very badly.
24.1% approve, 52.9 disapprove, and 19.8% have not heard enough to make a call on them.

Very predictably, there is strong opposition to the notion of shutting down the fed. gov’t over Obamacare.
19.4% approved of that tactic, 75.8% disapproved

This poll lists potential presidential candidate match-ups.
Hillary Clinton, when pitted against each Republican contender, beats him 7 to 10 points. The exception is Ted Cruz who she beats by a sound 22 points.

The poll also asks about
Opinions on illegal immigrants
Same-sex marriage
Marijuana legalization
Tax cuts
What political make-up future U.S. Congresses should have
Views on Obamacare
Transvaginal ultrasound bill
Opinion on borrowing $994 million for road building and transportation
Ending municipal residency requirments
School voucher expansion
Income tax cuts
Walker’s $100 million property tax giveaway

M.J.Sentinel printed it wrong. I tweeted that. Then I stuck their error into my post.
You don’t round down. You round UP. Here’s a screen capture.
why I goofed

If you don’t understand why you round up in math when you reach .5, I would suggest a visit to this link.


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