Dem. Candidate for WI Guv Mary Burke “open” to open pit iron mine, downplays gender

Burke is shedding huge chunks of her potential base with this expression of iron mine support.
Does Burke have a divide and conquer plan too?

From WPR: Mary Burke Says She’s Open To Iron Mine, But Not Fast Track Legislation

“The only currently-declared Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor said she’s open to a proposed open pit iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, but she said she would have vetoed the Republican bill passed this year that speeds up the mine permitting process”


Fro Marshfield News Herald (Gannett): Burke downplays gender gap in governor’s race

“Mary Burke’s campaign to be the first woman elected Wisconsin governor comes as Republican incumbent Scott Walker deals with lagging poll numbers among women and a continued attack from Democrats that the GOP doesn’t care about female voters.

It is not clear yet how much Burke is willing to capitalize on that potential weakness. She has downplayed gender in comments made in the opening weeks of her campaign, while another potential female Democratic candidate, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, sees it as a key issue.”


3 thoughts on “Dem. Candidate for WI Guv Mary Burke “open” to open pit iron mine, downplays gender

  1. Where did she hire her campaign consultants from, Mars? Even after the exposure of the asbestos dangers, she still supports the mine? I personally know people who voted for Walker based on the usual social issues but are now working against that open pit, acidified asbestos-dump.

    The voters in northern Wisconsin are strongly against the mine, not to mention all the people in Western Wisconsin who are opposed to the sand mining. Mary Burke needs to get a clue and get it fast. Her stupid talking point about balancing job creation and the environment might be convincing in normal times, but not when this state is facing environmental ruin.

    Mary, fire your damned consultants and start acting like you actually live in this state, drink the water and breathe the air.

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