Video from 1993 panel: Newsmen remember reporting on JFK assassination but forget the hatred in the air

The other day I listened to this video while going for a walk and I was quite taken with it.

I was quite taken by what it took to do radio live that day, make snap decisions about where to go to (the air field? the theater? the book depository?), and struggle to get access to places under tight security.

And I was also taken by how much these guys remain stenographers – not thinkers – long after their bosses have entered the ground, dead and buried.

Buster Hess from the Dallas Morning News recalls being told to print just as much words and photos as were fit to print – NO PAGE LIMIT. In the end, the paper was 50 pages-worth “which was tremendous at that time”. Hess says they worked on the paper until 4AM and the paper came out after 2PM.

The special thing about Hess’ paper is Ted Dealey published it. Dealey, according to writer Peter Elkind, “was a red-baiter, a supporter of Joe McCarthy, an unforgiving opponent of the United Nations, an enemy of social welfare and unions and federal aid, and so was his newspaper.”

In the days before JFK arrived, Birchers distributed “wanted” posters for President Kennedy. The morning of JFK’s arrival in Dallas and subsequent assassination, Dealey’s paper carried a full-page ad paid for by men affiliated with the John Birch Society. Their ad sarcastically “welcomed” JFK above a listing of snide questions like, ““Why have you scrapped the Monroe Doctrine in favor of the ‘Spirit of Moscow’?”

You don’t learn that from these reporters – the guys who reported just the facts. The hatred toward Kennedy in Dallas, Texas 1963 remains a quiet ghost in this conversation, an elephant in the room of history.

This video is about 1 hour.  The event was hosted at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas Nov. 22, 1993 and was originally broadcast by CSPAN.

Here’s a link to the *many* current articles on JFK at the Dallas Morning News site.

You can buy a “commemorative box” from the paper which includes the 50-page newspaper from Nov. 23, 1963, photos, etc, or you can buy a copy of the newspaper alone for $4.95 from the Dealey Plaza Museum web site.

Link to large scan of 11/23/1963 front page, Dallas Morning News

In ‘Dallas 1963,’ A City Of Rage, Seized By ‘Civic Hysteria’ – Interview with Bill Minutaglio who co-authored “Dallas 1963” with Steven L. Davis.

Here’s an intriguing video preview of what’s in the book “Dallas 1963”:

A list of the men who you saw in the 1993 reporters’ panel video lifted straight from CSPAN:


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