Sticker shock incoming?: Interactive map – WI in top 5 most pricey states for ave. HMO prices says USA Today

sticker shock obamacare

Hey there Wisconsin readers.

I would like to direct you to an interactive map at USA Today which shows average prices for different tiers of ACA exchange plans county by county.

Keep in mind that it is not showing you any tax subsidies.

According to USA Today,
“Wisconsin is one of the top five most expensive states when it comes to average HMO prices, USA TODAY found. Before subsidies, Wisconsin navigator Brad Gingras says he was “astounded” by some of the prices that those who don’t qualify for subsidies would have to pay. Every one of the subsidy-eligible consumers his office has helped was “100% positive” about the plans they got — once the process was complete”

My quick notes from noodling around with the map and reviewing the limited info. available:

* Those people who get kicked off of Badgercare and B.Plus [medicaid, really] can’t afford the ‘bronze’ premiums. Walker is an a$$hat for saying that people who qualified for medicaid can just go on Obamacare.

* The available plans are thin in the north and in the center of the state.

* If this thing is accurate, there is only 1 plan available for Florence County in each ranking.

* If you expand the map out to look at the nation, and skip through all the plans, the state that Wisconsin looks most similar to is Florida.


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