Hearing a stranger care about mass arrests at Solidarity Sing Along on WPR was incredible

Hi readers.

This morning there were dueling interviews on Joy Cardin’s show on Wisconsin Public Radio which featured dueling editions of the book “Unintimidated”.

I strongly endorse giving your full attention to Joseph Skulan and Barbara With as they speak on the podcast entitled,
“Unintimidated” With The Solidarity Singers.
Backup copy on Soundcloud.

I would have taken notes when I heard them live today but I had to drive during much of the broadcast.

On the way home, I pulled over in a parking lot and settled in to listen. Subsequently a woman called from Eau Claire to ask what it felt like to be arrested and to watch each other get arrested in the rotunda and I became overwhelmed to realize that we could hear this question posed on public airwaves.

I think I was overwhelmed because things are usually so bad on the news and on the radio. So often these past few years we had to listen to a hired talking head from the right sparring with a hired talking head on the “left” with no room for feelings or authenticity and certainly not enough concerned and inquisitive strangers asking questions as if there were real flesh and blood human beings involved in this long, cold war.

I sat there in the shelter of my car and I cried.

If – and only if – you have a strong heart and an even stronger stomach also give a listen to Scott Walker in the podcast entitled “Unintimidated” With Governor Scott Walker.

Alternatively, you could try WPR’s summarizing article here:
Walker Defends Sharing Anti-Union Top 10 List During Capitol Protests.

By now all the sting’s worn out of Walker’s tired “big government union” song and dance. But I admit I was angered that he couldn’t apologize for what he said about public workers in his snide “top ten list”. I have no idea why I expect anything better. Scott Walker is now and forever will be a passive aggressive asshole.

That’s all I want to release of my enduring rage at him for now. I’m enjoying a wee bit of pre-Thanksgiving cheer tonight and I think I’d like to keep my grip on it!

Footnote: Where to buy Unintimidated
Online: Go to Unintimidated.org

In Madison:
A Room of One’s Own,
Frugal Muse West,
Lakeside Press,
Paul’s Books,
Rainbow Bookstore,
University Bookstore downtown and Hilldale locations

See a map of stores HERE.

Not on this map yet:

Mystery to Me
1863 Monroe St
(608) 283 9332,
T-F 10-5, Sa 10-4, Su 11-4


2 thoughts on “Hearing a stranger care about mass arrests at Solidarity Sing Along on WPR was incredible

  1. Wall Street Morning radio just replayed their interview with the Wanker, who called Tonette “Constituent No. 1” and repeated the lies in Thiessen’s book.

  2. Just one of the quotes I found up to date and non-devious – “Scott Walker is now and forever will be a passive aggressive asshole.” Someone’s got it down. And that is one of the nicer quotes I’ve heard lately! If he runs for president in 2016…I say “go for it you passive aggressive asshole” (not my words, I just like the sound of them) That’ll get him out of Wisconsin and into a world he’s gonna get eaten up in. OMG – imagine – President Walker?

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