Clown Car 2016: Newsmax beats drum for Midwest’s Scott Walker annnnd Christie’s ahead of Walker by a mile in the Midwest

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I have a compulsion to watch the Republicans salivate over the presidency. Am I a sick person? Should I consult a doctor? I think it must be the sweet smell of Walker failure that I catch a whiff of every so often. I find it sooooo irresistible.

I even enjoy watching Newsmax uselessly cheerlead for Walker – as they have for a couple of years now. (Remember when Walker surprised local Wisconsin media by “quietly” flying off to Florida to answer fawning questions in an “exclusive” interview with Newsmax in mid-April of 2011?)

In the past month, Newsmax has ramped up its bromantic relationship with Walker considerably. How handy since that coincides with the release of Walker’s book.

His name has appeared prominantly in at least 13 pieces at Newsmax in the last month. [see footnote]

Newsmax most recently published Walker Seen As GOP’s Alternative to Christie in 2016. They say he has to win the governor’s seat in Wisconsin again, and then he’s golden. He has a “calm Midwestern” energy that will go over better in the heartland than Christie’s ballsy demeanor will.

“Everything depends on Walker’s winning re-election next year.
[No pressure, Wisconsin. None at all.]

If he does, he can join Christie in casting himself as a two-term Republican governor who thrived in a Democratic-leaning state.

Then, Walker’s supporters say, his more conservative stances on several issues would help him in GOP primaries. Walker’s calm Midwestern demeanor, they say, also will play better in Iowa, South Carolina, and other places than would Christie’s penchant for bombast and confrontation.”

Well, ya can’t get more Midwestern than Iowa.
Yet Walker is failing there.

In the 11/26 “Conservative Intel poll of Iowa 2016 presidential contests” Christie polls at 17% while Walker is in the basement with 7%.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul trail closer to Christie at 16% and 13% respectively.

“Q. If the 2016 Republican Presidential Caucus were held today, who would you most likely support: Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker?”

poll of presidential possibles 11 23 2013

No surprise, I suppose, that Christie is the only one who polls stronger than Hillary Clinton in this:

clinton and christie 11 26 Conservative Intel poll of Iowa 2016 presidential contests   Conservative Intelligence Briefing

Conducted: Nov. 23-24, 2013
Respondents: 985 Likely Voters
Margin of Error: +/- 3.12%
Subsample (overlaps full sample): 390 likely GOP caucusgoers, MOE +/-4.96%

Link to crosstabs.

Footnote: All the Newsmax fanboy pieces from the past month
Scott Walker Stars in GOP Governors’ ‘American Comeback’ Video Tuesday, 05 Nov

Scott Walker in Court Battle to Keep Union Reforms Monday, 11 Nov

Scott Walker: GOP’s 2016 Candidate Should Be Washington ‘Outsider’ — Like a Governor Sunday, 17 Nov

Scott Walker to Newsmax: Obamacare Should Be Defining Issue of 2014 Monday, 18 Nov

Scott Walker: GOP Control of Congress Trumps My 2016 Plans – For Now Tuesday, 19 Nov

Tuesday, 19 Nov
NewmaxTV Interview Part 1, Part 2

Scott Walker: ‘I’d Love to be President . . . of Harley Davidson’ Wednesday, 20 Nov

Scott Walker: GOP Should Help People Hurt by Obamacare Wednesday, 20 Nov

Scott Walker, Rick Perry, GOP Governors Try to Seize the Party’s Mantle Thursday, 21 Nov

Gov. Scott Walker: GOP Must Win ‘Walker-Obama’ Voters Thursday, 21 Nov

Scott Walker: Paul Ryan’s ‘Executive Sense’ Qualifies Him for Presidency Friday, 22 Nov

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Looking More Like Presidential Hopeful Monday, 25 Nov


One thought on “Clown Car 2016: Newsmax beats drum for Midwest’s Scott Walker annnnd Christie’s ahead of Walker by a mile in the Midwest

  1. I think we need to work on getting Walker’s numbers even lower. And the fact that Christie (also supported by Koch) is leading against a democrat is outright disgusting. I hope he starts to self-destruct (like most of these Koch owned blowhards do) very soon, because I sure don’t want to be under a four year Christie regime.

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