Video: Speeches from the launch of “Unintimidated: Wisconsin Sings Truth to Power”

At long last I am blogging about the November 19th launch of “Unintimidated: Wisconsin Sings Truth to Power”. In the videos below you’ll hear from the publisher Barbara With, First Amendment Fund coordinator Katy Reeder, and writer Ryan Wherley. Barbara, Katy, and Ryan are among a legion of Wisconsinites that engage in the Solidarity Sing Along. They have – we have – contributed in so many ways large and small to keep a bright flame of resistance lit against the Walker administration’s cloud long after the huge crowds thinned out and disappeared.

Speaking of dimness, you’ll notice the videos are a bit dark. If natural light isn’t streaming through the upper windows of the Capitol Building the rotunda becomes a cavern lit only by globe lights at the edges (a creepy cavern, if you ask me). The sensor in my camera went out repeatedly and I realized I had to focus 1/2 on the speaker and 1/2 on the slide show behind to keep the viewfinder working. At times I focus fully on the slideshow of images behind the speakers. That works out since those images reveal the arrests, the signs, and the faces of the unintimidated who live and breathe dissent as if our future depended upon it.

And doesn’t it?

The book “Unintimidated: Wisconsin Sings Truth to Power” is available online at and in Madison, WI bookstores. All proceeds from sales go to the First Amendment Protection Fund which helps defray court costs for the many who have been arrested while standing up for free speech in the Wisconsin Capitol building.

Footnote: Why I was so tardy with the video.
I can be way too linear for my own good. I had it stuck in my mind that I had to get all of Ryan’s 25 minutes of speaking up on youtube before I did this post. And I HAD TO GET ALL 25 MINUTES. Sadly, I can’t. There is a corrupted portion of the video file somewhere midway on Ryan’s speech and I can’t fix it. So yeah. That sucks.


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