Say anything you want about Obamacare as long as it’s what I was thinking in the first place


Photo credit: Laura Smith*

There is no use in me
1) Posting an article on Obamacare on facebook
2) Talking to anybody about Obamacare in person
Nobody actually reads the article I share unless it says “YAY OBAMACARE!” or it bashes Scott Walker in some way. If there is any hint of a critique of the actual program in the article, then it’s ignored and the talking point facebook comment wars proceed.

I’ll just continue blogging for an audience of maybe 5 people in Wisconsin who want this kind of content.

Here are a couple of national-focus articles I found to be of interest.

Obamacare: You’re not insured until you pay
By Tami Luhby – CNN Money
– insurers are worried because not enough people signing up through are paying them

One insurer, Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, has received payments from only about 20% of applicants, nearly all using the firm’s online portal, said Jim Brunnemer, the chief financial officer. It is sending invoices and email reminders to those who haven’t yet sealed the deal. If payment isn’t made by New Year’s Eve, PHP has been told by federal officials that it must void the application.

– if you want insurance by Jan. 1, you need to pay by the insurance company’s premium deadline which is often Dec 31st
– the fed gov’t is calling and emailing people to make sure they know this stuff

—————– still screws up 10 percent of enrollments
Posted by Sarah Kliff – Washington Post

About 25% of the early enrollees using have faulty data. THAT’S HIGH. The average from all of the entries, October 1st to now, is 10%. All the articles I run into say that the acceptable standard in ‘the industry’ is no higher than 1%.
So basically every human who’s signing up on the federal exchange has to go back and call his or her health insurance company to verify that the enrollment info got to the right place. If they don’t, they could later get a rude awakening when they go to the doctor’s office.

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One thought on “Say anything you want about Obamacare as long as it’s what I was thinking in the first place

  1. I’m one of the 5 people who appreciate the truth about what is happening to people regarding the ACA. If either arm of party of the 1% were really concerned about health care they would not have put the health insurance cartels in charge of the program.

    Newly leaked from wikileaks, the US in the TPP is pushing removal of the power of signatory countries from using generic drugs in their national health care programs. Drug patent owners will be able to sue for lost profits which full price name brand drugs would be theoretically losing and the transnational corporate appointed, “court,” would be in charge of handing down rulings regarding the outcomes of such corporate suits.

    Anecdotal instances of enrolled parties going in for, “free,” preventive care being asked to get undergo something like a recommended test, then being surprised totally with a large bill coming due from the deductible portion of their plan, not at first realizing the test was not defined as part of the preventive care, but it fell under a different category of billable services delivered.

    Keep up the coverage, please. Facts will eventually trump blind party obeisance and uniformed beliefs.

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