Updated: Wisconsin Senator Kathleen Vinehout released from hospital after car accident, is consulting with a surgeon

“State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) was due to travel to Eau Claire on Monday to consult with an orthopedic surgeon after sustaining multiple fractures in her right arm during a traffic accident Sunday, a spokesperson in her Senate office said.

Vinehout, a potential Democratic candidate for governor, was injured in a crash during snowy weather on I-94 and was hospitalized in the Racine area.

Vinehout’s husband, Douglas Kane, told The Associated Press that “she seems to be doing quite well.” – source: Kathleen Vinehout to consult with surgeon after breaking arm in crash

Kathleen Vinehout

From the facebook page of Wisconsin Senator Kathleen Vinehout, 12/08/2013, I first learned this:
“Thank you to everyone who has been asking about Kathleen. Here’s what we know so far. Kathleen’s vehicle was involved in a multi-car accident on I94 near Racine this morning. She is currently receiving care at a local hospital. If more details become available we will do our best to let you know.”

At around 4:30PM the facebook page “Racine County Eye” reported that Sen. Vinehout has a broken arm but is “otherwise okay”:
Kathleen Vinehout crash broken arm Racine County Eye

I’m hoping that the injuries Senator Vinehout sustained are minor and I wish her a speedy recovery – – and I also worry for the hundreds of people we’ve heard were in car accidents today due to the snowy weather and slick roads.

I’ll come back here with updates/further confirmations of Sen. Vinehout’s condition and the crash as they come in.

on 12/08/2013 this post was entitled “Social media sources say WI Sen. Kathleen Vinehout in Kenosha hospital following multi-car accident”. It was updated 12/09/2013 12:48 Central Time


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